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In recent years, as companies have become more powerful and customer requirements have increased, more and more factories will choose the latter between price and quality when they purchase refrigeration equipment. But there is some factory chooses a cheaper one, cheaper one will save your cost really? Let’s talk about why we can’t buy cheaper ones.

1. Buying cheap refrigeration equipment
Only happy at the moment you kill the price! When you use it, it is probably not happy once time. The cheaper thing, its total cost may not be low, just make up for the money saved in other areas.

2. Buying the best quality
The moment of giving money is distressed! Every day you are happy, it feels especially worthwhile. For many years, the equipment has not been repaired, there is a minor problem, and the manufacturers do very well service after the sale.

3. Customers are struggling to reduce prices and calculate costs
Customers always think that we charge a high price, we desperately lower prices, and calculate costs with me. I would very much like to ask him: “Do you forget the cost of designing? the cost of labor ? the cost of marketing ? Does the company’s normal operating costs account? Is the cost of management justified? Is the cost of logistics calculated? Is the cost of storage calculated?…”

4. The premise of service is profit
The premise of service is profit, each company must survive, profits can be reduced properly but can not disappear, you take away all the profits to protect survival, who will gurantee the quality of refrigeration equipment, after-sales service?

5. The quality of the product for your choice
It’s expensive, yes, because it’s good, so expensive! Products are expensive in quality, people are in taste! The quality of the product lies in your choice! The world can buy the best products without spending the least money.

6. Perfect Pursuit, Quality First
Someone asked: “your refrigeration equipment will be cheaper?”
I can only say: “I can’t give you the lowest price. I can only give you the highest quality. I would rather explain the price for a while than to apologize for quality for a lifetime.”