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1, Refrigeration equipment compressor unit assembling and installation-we are professional fabricated compressor rack factory over 20 years.

2, Refrigeration equipment evaporators installation

When selecting the hanging point position, firstly consider the best position for the air circulation, and then consider the direction of the cold storage structure.

The space between the evaporator and the cold room panel should be bigger than the thickness of the evaporator.

All the hangers of the evaporator should be fastened, and the bolts and hanging bolts should be closed with a sealant to prevent air leakage.

When the evaporator is too heavy, using a 4 or 5 angle iron to make the beam. The beam should span to another roof and wall panel to reduce the weight.

3, Refrigeration equipment piping installation technology

The diameter of copper pipe should strictly match with the interface diameter of compressor suction and exhaust valve. When the condenser and compressor are separated more than 3 meters, the pipe diameter should be increased.

Keep the distance between the condenser suction air side and the wall over 400mm, and keep the distance between the outlet and the obstacle more than 3 meters.

Discharge pipe and return pipe should have a certain slope. When the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the discharge pipe should be sloped to the condenser and a liquid ring should be installed at the compressor discharge mouth to prevent the gas cooling to liquid and returning to the mouth after compressor off.

The U-bend should be installed at the exit of the evaporator air return pipe. The air return pipe should be sloped toward the compressor to ensure oil return smoothly.

The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the evaporator. The solenoid valve should be installed horizontally. The valve body should be vertical and we should notice the direction of the liquid.

after the completion of the welding of the entire refrigeration system, to do airtight experiments, high-pressure side of nitrogen filling 1.8MP. The low-pressure side is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. During filling, soapy water is used for leak detection. Carefully check the welding, flange and valve. The pressure is kept for 24 hours.

4, Electrical system installation

The selection of wire must have a safety factor. The temperature of the wire surface must not exceed 4 degrees during the compressor unit operating or evaporator defrosting .


5, Whole refrigeration equipment system commissioning

Check all valves in the refrigeration system if it is in the normal open state or not, especially the exhaust stop valve. Do not close it.

Open the cooling water valve of the condenser. If it is an air-cooled condenser, turn on the fans. Check that if the amount of water and the air flow rate meet the requirements or not.

the electrical control circuit should be tested separately in advance, we should pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is normal before starting.

Whether the oil surface of the compressor crankcase is in the normal position or not, it should generally be maintained at the horizontal centerline of the oil monitor.

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