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container cold room

Atlascool container type cold rooms and cold storages is portable and moveable, you can put it anywhere , you can move it or hire it, the fact that it is portable offers you many advantages. Many business owners, and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages.

Our mobile container type cold room and cold storage is suitable for international container transport standards. it can be used directly after you receive the goods. The container cold room can be pre-assemble in the factory, that will save your more installation time and cost.

Refrigerated containers are also preferred due to practical and ease of use. You just need to provide energy to operate the system and will obtain required cooling within an hour.

We design and manufacture right type of portable refrigerated containers that fully meet your requirements. We design container type refrigeration for different purpose of use such as cold storage, chilling room, freezing room or blast freezing. We offer custom made solutions according to your demand by installing proper refrigeration unit, pu panels and suitable doors. Container type cold rooms and cold storage will be used in many industries to preserve wide range of products such as fresh fruits, meats, fish, ice cream, chicken, vaccinations, sensitive chemicals etc.

According to the place of use; containers cold room can be designed for different temperatures
Ambient Cooling: +12°C / +16°C
Cold Storage: -5°C / +8°C
Frozen Storage: -18°C / -25°C
Blast Freezing : -35°C / -40°C

WHAT SIZE ARE REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS COLD ROOMS?                                                                            Refrigerated containers cold room come in two main sizes, 6m containers (20ft) and 12m containers(40ft). The 20ft containers have a cubic capacity of 28mᶟ and the 40ft containers 66mᶟ. They both have an external width of 2.2m.

For more information on our cold storage containers and shipping container cold rooms, contact us today on +86 15508661121