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Important Points of Banana Ripening Room

We supply banana ripening room and chambers.This type of cold room needs special temperature and ripening system, it required highly precise controlling for time.

Banana Ripening  Room design for bananas are important:

  1. Ripening rooms are very important for proper and efficient banana ripening; not just any room will suffice. A commercial ripening room must have the following:

  2. The room must be as air tight as possible to prevent ethylene loss.  This also prevents ethylene from entering unwanted areas (like other banana rooms or cold storage rooms holding ethylene-sensitive items).

  3. The room must be properly insulated to be able to control the temperature within a degree or so.

  4. The room must have adequate refrigeration capacity to accurately control pulp temperature.

  5. The room may need heating equipment in order to maintain proper room temperature in cold weather.

  6. The room must have adequate air circulation. Because uniform pulp temperatures throughout the load are essential for even ripening, the refrigerated air in the room must circulate at all times and uniformly throughout the load. For pressurized, forced air ripening rooms, this is typically inherent in the design.  However, for non-pressurized rooms, the boxes of bananas should be “air stacked”. That is, the boxes should be offset to allow the air to circulate among all the boxes since a non-pressurized room design will not pass air through boxes but around them.

Important reminders when banana ripening:

Monitor pulp temperatures closely:

  • Avoid “chilling” or “cooking” the fruit. Bananas are very sensitive to temperatures. Chilling will occur if the fruit is subject to temperatures below  (13°C) for several hours. It causes the peel to have a smoky, dull gray appearance. This may not show up for 18 to 24 hours after chilling occurs.

  • Cooked bananas result from excessively high temperatures; avoid temperatures above (18°C). The peel will have a brown to orange appearance. The fruit may be soft and have a short shelf life.

Maintain proper humidity levels:

  • For best ripening results, humidity should be 85 to 95%. If the humidity is too low, install a humidifier; wetting the floor of the room with water may increase the humidity but may cause sanitation issues.

When ready to ripen:

  • Determine how in how many days the room of bananas will be needed; raise pulp temperatures to at least (14°C).

  • Follow proven ripening schedules (like the one above) to adjust daily pulp temperatures.  No chart however can account for the unique differences in every load of bananas that will be ripened.  Frequent inspection of pulp softening and color change followed by temperature adjustments are vital to proper color achievement.

  • Apply 100 – 150 ppm ethylene for a minimum of 24 hours during the initial phase of the ripening cycle.  Fruit that is less mature may take an additional 24 hours of ethylene application.

Please note that there are reports of bananas responding better to higher ethylene levels.  While 100 ppm is the accepted standard to initiate ripening and ethylene production in bananas, there are some companies that require their ripening personnel to use 300+ ppm, saying that today’s banana ripens quicker and more uniformly with this higher level.  If you are having difficulty with bananas ripening properly, verifying current ethylene levels and then perhaps increasing them may resolve ripening issues. There are other factors that cause poor ripening, like inadequate humidity and immature fruit; ethylene is not always the culprit.

           When bananas are ripening, they release carbon dioxide (CO2) which will build up in a ripening room. The  production begins as the fruit ripens enters the “climacteric” phase, or the period when bananas release ethylene and and have an elevated rate of respiration (along with a great deal of other physiological changes). Respiration involves the uptake of oxygen, the release of carbon dioxide, and the breakdown of starches. Carbon dioxide concentrations above 1% (10,000 ppm) will retard ripening, delay the effects of ethylene and cause quality problems. Therefore, it is recommended to vent rooms by opening the doors for 20 minutes every 12 hours, after the first 24 hours of ripening. Other venting methods are by automatic fan (either timed or sensor-based) or “flow-though” (constant) ventilation.

Banana Shipping suggestions

  • Bananas bruise easily, green or ripe. Careful handling at all stages will reduce bruising and enable you to sell the bananas for more money.

  • Bananas also chill easily, as described above.  If shipping on a mixed load at temperatures lower than (12.8°C)

        Atlas Refrigeration Technology had been specializing in delivering turn key cold room solutions to worldwide customers for 18 years. We had provided many types of effective and states of the art cold rooms and freezer rooms to over 40 countries. We have been exporetd cold rooms to Swiss, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Bahrain, Papua New Guinea and so on.

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How many factors affecting cold room quality?

What is a cold room?

A cold room is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.

When we want to build a cold room, we should consider two points, one is the high building materials quality, the other one is high effective of the cold room. Then how to reach the goal? Let’s learn how many factors affecting cold room quality?

1, Whole cold room includes polyurethane insualtion panels and refrigeration systems(compressor units, evaporators, condensers, control box and valves)etc. About the panels, there are camlock PU, PUR, PIR types.Camlock PU panels is very common and easy to produce, so it’s diffcult to check the quality.PUR and PIR sandwich panel is continuous production line, they have high requirements and standard for producing process and machinery. In china, fewer factories has this ability to produce PUR and PIR panels.Then you will check the panels insulation parameters, foam density, fire resistance, and color steel thickness, becasue all these factors will affect the price of panels.

2, The refrigeration system is the core of cold room, it includes compressor units,condensers,evaporators and valves. It also has accessories such as fans, pipes and instruments. The whole refrigeration system is a sealed circuit in which the refrigerant circulates, controlling the amount of supply and the number of times entering the evaporator as needed to achieve suitable low temperature conditions. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, which pushes the refrigerant around the system. The choice of cold room refrigeration system is mainly focus on compressors and evaporators. So the quality of compressors and evaporators will affect the cold room quality.Usually we will choose world famous brand compressors like Bitzer, frascold, copeland etc and evaporators like Luve, Guentner, Kuba etc.
3, Surface areas and structures of the evaporator.Surface areas of evaporators, number of fans, cross-sections of fans, air flow of fans directly affect the humidity and temperature of the cold room.
4, High effective is also important for cold room. Usually we will ask a professional designer or consultant to help us. We have long years of experience in the refrigeration industry, our engineers are all graduated from refrigeration major in university. We will analyze your product load, geographic location and facility usage. Our many years of cold room refrigeration experience will help us design a economic refrigeration system to your product. “Produce” requires a different approach from “Pharmaceuticals” or “Poultry.” We will propose the right equipment to do the job, no more and no less.
5, Properties of the product and package to be put in cold room.The changes in the entire transpination density in the cold room have a great effect on the immediate cooling of the product.
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How to start a cold room business in ghana

Do you have food business? Do you want to be part of the food business but don’t know which way to go? Why not start your own cold room business and freeze your way to a profitable business.

What is a cold room?

cool room or cold room is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat. Cold rooms are often located near shipping ports used for import/export of produce.

What is use of cold room?

Cold room can be used for storage of seafood, meat, dairy products, ice cream, fruit and vegetables etc. There are many cold room solutions.

Classification Temperature:

  1. 0 °C ~ + 22°C: Hallway, corridor, Mushroom Plant, Medicines Storage, Processing Room, Packing Room
  2. -5 °C ~ + 5 °C: Pre-Cooling, Keep Fresh,
  3. -10 °C ~ -20 °C: Freezer Storage
  4. -25 °C ~ -30 °C: Low Temperature Storage, Quick-Freeze
  5. -35 °C ~ -40 °C: Blast Freezer, Quick-Freeze

Steps to Start a Cold Room Business

1, Determine which industry or industries in your area need cold room and how much of these need s have already been supplied. Make a careful study on how to go about your plans and execute them. You can seek advice from other friends who are in the same business and get good ideas. Different foods needs different cold rooms, for example, there is special apple cold room, and special ripening room for bananas and mango.

2, Once you determine that you can make it, you can test run by starting small. For example you can build a small cold room in your house or exsiting warehouse. Firstly store small quantities foods, and it is running well, then you can consider how to make it bigger.

3, Your test run should give you an idea if you want to go on full scale or not with the cold room business.

4, Should you decide to continue, you can now try to secure a means to fund or finance your venture. You can choose to stick to your initial market base or expand to cover more. multi function cold rooms have different temperatures for different products. Now you can store many kinds of products. Or you can rent the empty cold rooms.

5, An important part of the business is marketing. You need to recognize your base market as well as your competitors. So who is your market? The first could be the fishermen who were your sole market during your testing phase. You can expand your market by selling what your customers are selling. You can not only store merchandise but also package them and then sell them depending on what the demand is. This way not all your eggs are stored in one basket and you remain in a competitive edge. So many customers choose to build duel temperature cold rooms. they will be used for fruits and vegetables, and also can be used for frozen fish and meat.

Why choose us?

Your Cold Room Expert

More than 18 years refrigeration experience

From design to installation&maintenance service , we provide one stop cold room solutions for your fresh life.

We offer a wide variety of services for your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to have us consult on your plans, design your refrigeration system, supply the materials and equipment, install the equipment, or perform maintenance and repair services, we have the skills, expertise, technology, and tools to make it happen.

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How to do installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment in cold storage

1, Refrigeration equipment compressor unit assembling and installation-we are professional fabricated compressor rack factory over 20 years.

2, Refrigeration equipment evaporators installation

When selecting the hanging point position, firstly consider the best position for the air circulation, and then consider the direction of the cold storage structure.

The space between the evaporator and the cold room panel should be bigger than the thickness of the evaporator.

All the hangers of the evaporator should be fastened, and the bolts and hanging bolts should be closed with a sealant to prevent air leakage.

When the evaporator is too heavy, using a 4 or 5 angle iron to make the beam. The beam should span to another roof and wall panel to reduce the weight.

3, Refrigeration equipment piping installation technology

The diameter of copper pipe should strictly match with the interface diameter of compressor suction and exhaust valve. When the condenser and compressor are separated more than 3 meters, the pipe diameter should be increased.

Keep the distance between the condenser suction air side and the wall over 400mm, and keep the distance between the outlet and the obstacle more than 3 meters.

Discharge pipe and return pipe should have a certain slope. When the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the discharge pipe should be sloped to the condenser and a liquid ring should be installed at the compressor discharge mouth to prevent the gas cooling to liquid and returning to the mouth after compressor off.

The U-bend should be installed at the exit of the evaporator air return pipe. The air return pipe should be sloped toward the compressor to ensure oil return smoothly.

The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the evaporator. The solenoid valve should be installed horizontally. The valve body should be vertical and we should notice the direction of the liquid.

after the completion of the welding of the entire refrigeration system, to do airtight experiments, high-pressure side of nitrogen filling 1.8MP. The low-pressure side is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. During filling, soapy water is used for leak detection. Carefully check the welding, flange and valve. The pressure is kept for 24 hours.

4, Electrical system installation

The selection of wire must have a safety factor. The temperature of the wire surface must not exceed 4 degrees during the compressor unit operating or evaporator defrosting .


5, Whole refrigeration equipment system commissioning

Check all valves in the refrigeration system if it is in the normal open state or not, especially the exhaust stop valve. Do not close it.

Open the cooling water valve of the condenser. If it is an air-cooled condenser, turn on the fans. Check that if the amount of water and the air flow rate meet the requirements or not.

the electrical control circuit should be tested separately in advance, we should pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is normal before starting.

Whether the oil surface of the compressor crankcase is in the normal position or not, it should generally be maintained at the horizontal centerline of the oil monitor.

Why choose us?

Your Cold Room Expert

More than 18 years refrigeration equipment experience

From design to installation&maintenance service , we provide one stop cold room solutions for your fresh life.

We offer a wide variety of services for your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to have us consult on your plans, design your refrigeration system, supply the materials and equipment, install the equipment, or perform maintenance and repair services, we have the skills, expertise, technology, and tools to make it happen.

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How to operate refrigeration equipment more energy&efficient?

To control and reduce the operating cost of cold storage, during the operating of refrigeration equipment, it is necessary to consider “oil, fluorine, water, and electricity”; it is necessary to reasonably adjust the operating parameters of the refrigeration system to increase the efficiency of the equipment. The evaporating pressure, temperature and condensing pressure of the refrigeration system are the main parameters, and are important basis for operation and adjustment. According to the actual conditions and system changes, the operating parameters are continuously adjusted and controlled to run under economically reasonable parameters, and the machine and products can be guaranteed. and increasing refrigeration equipment efficiency, and save water, electricity, oil and so on.

How to reduce the operating costs of cold storage?

1, prevent evaporation temperature is too low

When the temperature difference between the evaporation temperature and the room temperature increases, the evaporation temperature will be too low, which will result in a decrease in the coefficient of performance and an increase in energy consumption. It is estimated that with other conditions unchanged, when the evaporation temperature is reduced by 1°C, it will consume 1~2% more power. In addition, the increase in temperature difference will also increase the dehumidification capacity of the cooling fan, and the humidity in the cold storage will decrease, which will result in increased loss of moisture and decrease in food quality.

The reason of evaporation temperature is too low and the solution:

(1) The evaporator is too small

Design problem, or the actual products type is different from the design plan, and the heat load increases. For example, the cold storage of apples is intended to be used for storage instead of garlic sprouts. Since the harvest time of garlic sprouts in a production area is only a few days, it is impossible to achieve a daily purchase volume of 5% to 15% of the storage capacity as that of Apple, instead of filling up 3-5 days. Therefore, if the temperature should be lowered to the proper storage temperature in time, it can only be achieved by lowering the evaporation temperature. Increase evaporator evaporation area or replace evaporator.

(2) The compressor capacity is too large

When the cold storage load was reduced, the energy of the compressor was not reduced in time. The compressor of the cold storage is matched according to the maximum load of the refrigeration system, At most times, the load of the compressor is less than 50%. When the room temperature is reduced to a suitable storage temperature, the system load is greatly reduced. If a large machine is still turned on, a large horse-drawn cart is formed, and the temperature difference increases, and the power consumption increases. The number of compressors to be turned on or the number of cylinders to be operated should be reduced according to changes of cold storage load.

(3) The evaporator  not defrosting in time

The frosting of the evaporator coil causes the heat transfer coefficient to become smaller, the thermal resistance increases, the heat transfer effect is reduced, and the evaporation amount of the refrigerant is reduced. Under the condition that the compressor energy is constant, the evaporation pressure of the system will decrease, and the corresponding Evaporation temperature decreases, so should defrost in time.

(4) Lubricating oil in evaporator

The lubricating oil in the evaporator will form a layer of oil film on the wall of the evaporating coil, which will also reduce the heat transfer coefficient, increase the thermal resistance, reduce the heat transfer effect, reduce the evaporation amount of the refrigerant, and cause the evaporation pressure of the system to decrease. The corresponding evaporation temperature is reduced, so the system oil should be drained in time.

(5) The expansion valve is opening too small

When the expansion valve is opened too small, the amount of liquid supplied by the system is small. Under the condition that the energy of the compressor is not changed, the evaporation pressure is reduced, causing the evaporation temperature to decrease, and the opening degree of the expansion valve should be increased.


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Summer season is coming, how to operate cold storage correctly?

The frequency of using cold storage in the summer is high, and refrigeration equipments are all under high-load operation. If the owner does not pay attention to maintenance and repair, the cold storage is more prone to failure. What are the things we should pay attention to when we use cold storage in summer?

When the cold storage must be work in 24 hours in summer, the maintenance of the cold storage is important at this time. Regularly add lubricant to the cold storage refrigeration unit, check the working condition of the equipment regularly, and find that the damage will be repaired immediately. If not repair, hurry to replace.

The precautions lists as below:

1. Provide enough outdoor air to the compressor unit. The hot air discharged from the condenser should be kept away from the compressor unit and it must not be allowed to form hot gas circulation.

2. Minimize the switching frequency of cold storage doors. Because the outdoor air temperature in summer is high and the convection between hot and cold is intense, on the one hand it is easy to lose a large amount of cold inside the cold storage, and on the other hand, it is easy to cause a large amount of condensation inside the cold storage.

3, Check the cold storage control system wire and cable and various electrical components oftenly.

4. Check the radiator of the air-cooled unit and clean the dust on the radiator.

5. Check the ventilation environment of the air-cooled unit to ensure that the hot air discharged by the unit can be emitted in time. When the ambient temperature is too high, spraying water to the radiator fins to help dissipate heat and improve the cooling effect.

6, Strictly control the loading in products,  a time can not exceed 30% of the storage capacity, so as not to cause the long operating hours of refrigeration equipment, and the room temperature decreased slowly.

7. The cooling water in the water cooled unit should preferably not exceed 25°C. When the temperature exceeds 25°C, tap water is replenished in time.

8. Check whether the water flow of the cooling water pump is normal and whether the fan of the cooling tower is rotating forward (hot gas rises upward). Change the circulating water frequently to keep the water clean.

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Why can’t buy cheap refrigeration equipment?

In recent years, as companies have become more powerful and customer requirements have increased, more and more factories will choose the latter between price and quality when they purchase refrigeration equipment. But there is some factory chooses a cheaper one, cheaper one will save your cost really? Let’s talk about why we can’t buy cheaper ones.

1. Buying cheap refrigeration equipment
Only happy at the moment you kill the price! When you use it, it is probably not happy once time. The cheaper thing, its total cost may not be low, just make up for the money saved in other areas.

2. Buying the best quality
The moment of giving money is distressed! Every day you are happy, it feels especially worthwhile. For many years, the equipment has not been repaired, there is a minor problem, and the manufacturers do very well service after the sale.

3. Customers are struggling to reduce prices and calculate costs
Customers always think that we charge a high price, we desperately lower prices, and calculate costs with me. I would very much like to ask him: “Do you forget the cost of designing? the cost of labor ? the cost of marketing ? Does the company’s normal operating costs account? Is the cost of management justified? Is the cost of logistics calculated? Is the cost of storage calculated?…”

4. The premise of service is profit
The premise of service is profit, each company must survive, profits can be reduced properly but can not disappear, you take away all the profits to protect survival, who will gurantee the quality of refrigeration equipment, after-sales service?

5. The quality of the product for your choice
It’s expensive, yes, because it’s good, so expensive! Products are expensive in quality, people are in taste! The quality of the product lies in your choice! The world can buy the best products without spending the least money.

6. Perfect Pursuit, Quality First
Someone asked: “your refrigeration equipment will be cheaper?”
I can only say: “I can’t give you the lowest price. I can only give you the highest quality. I would rather explain the price for a while than to apologize for quality for a lifetime.”

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Do you know the cold room storage refrigeration RT-HP-KW and unit conversion?

cold room storage refrigeration RT

A ton of refrigeration (TR), also called a refrigeration ton (RT), is a unit of power used in some countries (especially in North America) to describe the heat-extraction capacity of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It is defined as the rate of heat transfer that results in the melting of 1 short ton (2,000 lb; 907 kg) of pure iceat 0 °C (32 °F) in 24 hours.

A refrigeration ton is approximately equivalent to 12,000 BTU/h or 3.5 kW. Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment capacity in the U.S. is often specified in “tons” (of refrigeration). Many manufacturers also specify capacity in BTU/h, especially when specifying the performance of smaller equipment.

The calculation of the horsepower (HP) horsepower cooling capacity is calculated in terms of kcal or tile (W). In general, 1PH=2000 kcal, and the international unit calculates to multiply by 1.16. So 1PH = 2324W.
In daily life, 2500W is used as the standard 1PH.

23 represents a small one; cooling area 10-14 square meters.
26 stands for 1 horse; the cooling area is 14-18 square meters.
32 stands for 1.5 horses; cooling area 18-22 square meters.
35 represents 1.5 horses; cooling area 22-25 square meters.
1P–2200-2600W; applicable area 12-15 square meters.
1.5P–3000-3800W; applicable area is about 18 square meters.
2P–4000-5500W; applicable area is about 28 square meters.


Power refers to the work done by an object in a unit of time, that is, the power is the physical quantity that describes the speed of work. The amount of work is certain, and the shorter the time, the greater the power value. The formula for power is power = work/time. The power used to describe the speed of work, how much work done per unit of time is called power.

unit conversion

1 US ton of cold = 3024 kcal/h (kcal/h) = 3.517 kW (kW)
1 Japanese cold ton = 3320 kcal/h (kcal/h) = 3.861 kilowatts (kW)
1 hp (or 1 horsepower) = 735.5 watts (W) = 0.7355 kW (kW)
1 kcal/h (kcal/h)=1.163 watts (W)
Celsius °C = (Fahrenheit °F-32) 5/9
1HP = 2.5kW = 735.5W: Note: 2.5kW corresponds to cooling capacity, while 735.5W corresponds to electrical power;

Common conversion formulas:

1 kJ (kJ) = 0.239 kcal (kcal)
1kcal = 4.19kJ (kilojoules)
1 U.S. cold tons = 3024 kcal/h = 3.51 kW
1 Japan cold tons = 3320kcal/h = 3.86kW
For example, a 40kW air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 40*860=34,400 kcal.
Civil air-conditioning likes to (H) P as a unit, 1 (H) P = 0.735kW, general energy efficiency ratio of 3.2, and the cooling capacity of 2352W, converted into a large card is about 2022 kcal.
It can be said that the 1(H)P air-conditioning capacity is 2000 kcal.

0C cold room storage matching evaporator:

Each cubic meter load is calculated as W0=75W/m3.
1. If the V (cold storage volume) is less than 30 m3, and the number of times the door is opened frequently, such as fresh meat, the multiplier coefficient is A=1.2;
2, if 30m3 ≤ V <100m3, open more frequent cold storage, such as fresh meat, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.1; 3, if V ≥ 100m3, open more frequent cold storage, such as fresh meat, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.0; 4, if a single cold storage, then the multiplier coefficient B = 1.1 final cold storage cooler matching according to W = A * B * W0 (W is the cooling fan load); 5, cold storage refrigeration unit and cooling fan match according to -10 degree evaporation temperature calculation. The above calculations are reference values and the calculations are based on the cold storage load calculation table. -18C cold room storage matching evaporator:

The load per cubic meter is calculated as W0=70W/m3.
1. If the V (cold storage volume) is less than 30 m3, and the number of times the door is opened frequently, such as fresh meat, the multiplier coefficient is A=1.2;
2, if 30m3 ≤ V <100m3, open more frequent cold storage, such as fresh meat, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.1; 3, if V ≥ 100m3, open more frequent cold storage, such as fresh meat, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.0; 4, if a single freezer, then the multiplier coefficient B = 1.1 final cold storage cooler matching according to W = A * B * W0 (W is the cooling fan load) 5. When the cold storage unit shares the refrigeration unit with the low temperature cabinet, the unit and the cooling unit are matched by the -35 degree evaporation temperature. Processing Room Cold storage matching cooling fan:

The load per cubic meter is calculated as W0=110W/m3.
1, if V (volume between processing) <50m3, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.1; 2, if V ≥ 50m3, then the multiplier coefficient A = 1.0 final cold storage cooler matching according to W = A * W0 (W is the cooling fan load); 3. When the processing room shares the refrigeration unit with the medium temperature cabinet, the unit and the cooling fan are matched according to the -10oC evaporation temperature. When the processing room is separated from the medium temperature cabinet, the cold storage unit and the cooling fan are matched according to the 0oC evaporation temperature. The above calculations are reference values and the calculations are based on the cold storage load calculation table.

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Notice for cold room/cold store usage

Atlascool Refrigeration-your cold room experts

1, Do not lay the wood floor in the cold store, they will occupy more areas and inconvenient to clean;

2, Make sure to close the door when someone get in or out, it will reduce the cold air flow away and loss, avoid the temperature fluctuation is too much and keep the food fressness at any time;

3, Do not put more watery food in the cold storage; in order to avoid the situation with excessive humidity causes the frost blocked the ceiling air cooler frequency;

4, Notice for opening and closing the door; do not use the foot to kick or vehicle to rush. Avoid destroying the door lock or pivot with wrong way;  it will influence the normal use of cold store;

5, Do not dircetly promote the library carts. Avoid the weight, while the damage casued by the floor.