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Potato cold storage room-how to store potatoes long term?

Potatoes are important vegetable crops in our life. The harvested fresh potatoes can also be kept fresh in the cold storage room, it can be stored as long as 8 months in the cold room.

Potato cold storage preservation technology mainly includes three points: potato harvesting, cold storage room period and delivery management.

I  Potato harvesting

1,The potato harvest time is selected on a sunny day. Watering should be stopped 7-10 days before harvest, which can promote the aging of potato skins and reduce the moisture content in the tubers.

At this time, the land is dry, and the potato pieces that are excavated are less muddy, and part of the water is distributed, making the skins dry and conducive to storage.

2, After the potatoes are harvested, the next step is to grade the potatoes to eliminate the potatoes with diseases and insect pests.

We will choose good quality potatoes that are moderate in size (usually medium), harmless, and disease-free for storage.

II Potatoes pre-cooling

After the potatoes are graded, they are pre-cooled. There are three pre-cooling methods: natural pre-cooling, cold storage pre-cooling, vacuum pre-cooling.

The pre-cooling time of the cold storage room is not more than 48 hours, and the pre-cooling is stopped when the temperature reaches five degrees higher than the storage room temperature. The pre-cooling time is scheduled within 12 hours after harvest.

III  Potato cold storage room

Temperature cooling down in advance is to help the potatoes better adapt to the low temperature environment of the cold storage. Generally, they are turned on and cooled 3 to 5 days before the potatos put in, and the temperature is controlled at about 1 to 4°C.

(1) Cold storage room temperature

AC potato cold storage room temperature is 3℃~5℃.

The room temperature is required to reach the specified storage temperature within 48 hours. The storage room temperature is required to be stable during the entire storage period, and the fluctuation does not exceed ±1℃.

(2) Relative humidity

The relative humidity of the potato cold storage room is kept at 80%~90%.

If the humidity is higher than this, the potatos are easy to rot and germinate early; if the degree is too low, the potatoss are easy to lose water, lose weight, become soft and shrink, and lose their edible and seed value.

(3) Gas management of potato controlled atmosphere storage room

It is recommended to be controlled as: oxygen concentration 3%~5%, carbon dioxide concentration 2%~3%.

The respiration of potatoes is still going on after harvesting. Potatoes with too low oxygen content will be hypoxic. In some cases, they will lose their germination ability, and in severe cases, they will cause suffocating rot.

The appropriate concentration of carbon dioxide concentration can also slow down the respiration of fresh potatoes, and can effectively delay the initiation of the respiratory jump.

But the carbon dioxide concentration can not be too high, too high carbon dioxide will cause potatoes to be forced to undergo “anaerobic respiration”.

refers to the process in which the respiratory substrate of potatoes cannot be completely oxidized under hypoxic conditions to produce alcohol, aldehyde, lactic acid and other products, and at the same time release a small amount of energy. The reaction equation is as follows:

Anaerobic respiration is not good for potato storage, it will consume more nutrients stored in potatoes and accelerate the aging of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to controlling the carbon dioxide and oxygen components, the cold room also controls the concentration of ethylene. Ethylene can quickly increase the respiratory intensity of potatoes and accelerate the ripening of potatoes. The ethylene removal machine of the air conditioning warehouse can control and reduce the concentration of ethylene.

IV Potatos taken out from cold storage room

1, The taken out potatoes should be warmed up slowly to prevent the dew and deterioration of the potatoes caused by the excessive temperature difference;

2, Pay attention to the handling process: handle, put, and move gently to avoid mechanical damage;

3,Cold chain transportation should be implemented for medium and long-distance transportation, and room temperature transportation can be selected for medium- and short-distance transportation.

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how to reduce electricity costs in cold storage room?

For cold storage room the second highest operating cost is electricity. Maintaining stable temperatures, especially in frozen food industry, requires continuous refrigeration and massive amounts of electricity. Finding ways to balance electricity costs and temperature stability is an important thing for operators.
Although, in general terms, cold rooms all work in the same way; it does not necessarily mean they are made to the same standards or that they will automatically work in an energy efficient manner. Therefore, we will discuss some great tips you can use to ensure your electricity bills stay as low as they possibly can.

1, The Opening And Shutting Of The Cold Room Doors

Try and reduce the amount of time the cold room doors are open for when you go in and out of your cold room. Quickly close the door each and every time you leave.
Therefore, it is best to keep these cold room areas at the most stable temperature possible to avoid higher consumption of energy and the increased costs associated.

2, Loading or unloading the goods in batch

When loading your cold room, try to do it in batches and ensure the environment directly outside the cold room is as cool as it possibly can be. Therefore, by adopting efficient and effective loading and unloading practices, you should be able to stop the running costs from getting too high.

3, Monitor The Cold Room Temperature And Ensure It Is Kept At An Optimum Level

It is crucial that you keep a close eye on your cold room’s temperature. Speak to the manufacturer, installer or consult the user’s manual if you are unsure of the ideal temperatures for the products you want to store. By leaving a cold room set to the incorrect temperature, you may increase your electricity bill.

4, Carry Out Cold Room Maintenance Regularly

You can reduce problems and make sure your cold storage room is working in the way it should be. It will also help to reduce costs and save money by bringing issues that can be prevented to your attention. Which can in turn lower the cost overall of running a cold room. Regularly carry out inspections of your cold room to ensure there are no defective hinges on the doors or problems with the seals that could be allowing the warmer air outside of the cold room inside.

And most important of all, when you come across an issue, get it repaired or dealt with as soon as possible.
Our top tips for reducing cold room energy costs include:

• Preventing cold air from the leaving the cold store
• Loading and unloading products in bulk
• Keeping a cold store at the right temperature
• Installing effective insulation
• Having the cold room maintained on a regular basis
• Checking for faults on seals, hinges or catches

Contact us for more information on cold room design, manufacture, installation, maintaining them and trying to keep the running costs down.

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Vaccine cold rooms were exported to Mauritius

Cam lock cold room sandwich panels with o.5mm color steel.

Copeland air cooled condensing unit and evaporator

Loading container in our factory.

As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 18 years,

We manufacture Cold room, prefabricated cold room, Cold storage, industry cold storage, commercial cold storage;Freezer room, blast freezer room, walk in freezer room; Chiller room, small chiller room, chiller room;

We provide one stop cold room refrigeration solution including cold room panels, cold room doors, condensing unit, evaporators and condensers, and ice making machines. It offers complete range of Refrigeration Systems with all types of Compressors i.e. Bitzer, Danfoss, Bock, Frascold and Copeland. As the leader in refrigeration technology, we aim to bring you high quality, reliable, long lasting and excellent efficiency products.

Our products has been exported to Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Mozambique, Garbon, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, America, Russia, Philippines, columbia etc.

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Get to know more mobile containerized blast freezer room

What is a mobile containerized Blast Freezer room?

It is a blast freezer refrigeration system in a reefer container.

We advice the mobile container type blast freezer room because it is portable, you can put where you want, or you can rent it, to be portable gives you many advantages. You can use your garden from where you can win or loading in factory where cover is provided.

The blast freezer containers are reliable, mobile, quick freeze solutions for high-value seafood and meats, many business owners and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages. Plenty of time and places where fishing (in ports) is very convenient to use.

1. Flexible locations for the Blast Freezer

  • Usually, blast freezer is installed in the processing plant, so the location is permanent. It’s not so possible to move it to another location.
  • Based on a new blast freezer container, you could move our containerized blast freezer to a new place, just with crane and truck.

2. No need installation or commissioning

  • Blast freezer is more complicated than a normal freezer room or chiller room. For example, the screw compressor requests more knowledge to control.
  • But with a containerized blast freezer, what you need to do is connect it to main power. Very easy.

3. Space-saving

  • Based on the blast freezer container, this containerized blast freezer could be outdoor, and closed to your processing plant.

Why blast freeze?

Blast freezer (blast chiller, walk-in freezer, freezer store or blast freezer cold room) is a cold storage unit that can freeze large quantities of goods very quickly.

Blast Freezing Temperature (-35°C / -40°C)

Blast freezing is the process of cooling until obtaining core heat of product with a temperature of -18°C.  This quick-freezing process is conducted in the -35°C / -40°C rooms. When the core heat of the product reached to -18°C, products are transferred to frozen storage rooms. -35°C / -40°C Blast Freezing is not used for storage purposes; it is only for Blast-Freezing. Important point for these rooms is that choosing proper cooling device. In order to choosing proper cooling device; product type, amount, entrance temperature, room dimensions and targeted Blast-Freezing time has to be taken into consideration. It is significant to keep Blast-Freezing time short to maintain long self-life of the products. We built plenty of blast freezing rooms taking into consideration minor details of your projects and installed the blast-freezing facilities for quite different industries such as fish, ice cream, red meat, poultry and vegetables.

Atlascool containerized blast freezer models:

20ft and 40ft size container blast freezer room


Sometimes clients have unique needs that can be met by our custom designs. We offer Blast freezers, Multi-temperature units, Medium and Low Temperature Units, and can build custom sized containers to meet your space requirements.

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2021 Merry Christmas&Happy New Year

To all of our customers, suppliers, partners and staff around the world, we wish you a very happy Christmas&New year. We look forward to working with you again in 2021!

Why choose us?

Your Cold Room Expert

More than 18 years refrigeration experience

From design to installation&maintenance service , we provide one stop cold room solutions for your fresh life.

We offer a wide variety of services for your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to have us consult on your plans, design your refrigeration system, supply the materials and equipment, install the equipment, or perform maintenance and repair services, we have the skills, expertise, technology, and tools to make it happen.

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Cold Room and Storage for Flowers

Flowers cold room is designed in a specific manner to keep the temperature and humidity at the appropriate level so that products can be maintained fresh and petals of the flowers stay fresh and good looking. To keep the petals of the flowers fresh and in good condition, air flow is controlled properly.

1, Important aspects for flower cooling and flower cold storage.

(1) Sufficient capacity of the cooling installation to get the flower shipment at the ideal temperature quickly.
(2) A humidity level that is low enough to avoid fungus and diseases, but not so low that the flowers get dehydrated.
(3) A good air distribution: literally around every flower the so-called microclimate should be right. One should therefore not save money on cooling capacity and the size and quantity of coolers.

2, Flower storage room conditions
Temperature control is one of the main factors to assist with long-lasting flowers. Most of the flowers stored at 0-2 °C to avoid danger of more freezing and High Relative Humidity such as 90-95% is recommended for flower in refrigerated storage.

Most of the flowers and greens keep best and longer time if packed dry, without water,in containers which prevent moisture loss and stored at 0-2 °C, we should keep the cut flowers in refrigerated rooms to prevent loss
and should not store flower less than 0 °C to prevent chilling injury.
Most of the flowers re-hydration by using water at 38-43 °C and hold at 4.4 °C, pH is 3.5 is the best for re-hydration for the period of 4-18 hours. Containers should be placed to allow good air conditioning.

3, The best flower cooling: Fast cooling down and keeping cold.
When the flowers come off the field, fast cooling down is crucial. After all, as soon as the stem has been cut, the supply of water and nutrition is stopped and the decay starts. To extend the vase life to a maximum, we want to reduce the metabolism of the flower as quickly as possible. This can be done with vacuum cooling or a pre-cool wall. Vacuum cooling removes the field heat from the flower within 15 minutes, a pre-cool wall takes several hours.

After this step, it would make sense to keep the flowers chilled and hence it would be desirable to grade them (sort and wrap) in a cooled hall or flower chamber. These areas are normally somewhat warmer, as there are people working, but as long as the shifts are not too long this should be fine.
After processing, the flowers are stored in the chilled outgoing cold store until the moment of transport.

The advantages of Atlascool flower cooling
(1) Knowledge and experience in the flower market: we know how to extend the vase life of a flower.
(2) Plenty of experience in flower cooling: continuity and reliability at low cost. References in the floriculture branch: our experience ensures a good result.

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Important Maintenances for Cold Rooms

There are many kinds of cold rooms. The cold rooms are used frequently on commercial level. The people who run food business need to store large bulks of food products.

According to the cold room goods, there are Seafood and meat cold room, Dairy and ice cream cold room, Fruit and vegetables cold room, Pharmaceutical and chemicals cold room and Flower cold storage etc.

For any cold room to function efficiently, it is important that the cold room is maintained properly.

The refrigeration system and the cold room:

For the room to be efficient it is important that the refrigeration system is efficient. The room can be kept cold if the refrigeration system is efficient. The refrigeration system needs to be perfect to make sure that the inner temperature can be maintained. In this mean you may also look for high efficient compressor units.

The maintenance of the cold room should also include the maintenance of compressor. The compressor is important part of the cooling system of the room. The compressor needs to be cleaned repeatedly to make sure that the refrigeration of the room is able to maintain the desired temperature.

The coils of the fan, condenser and the evaporators also need to be cleaned repeatedly so that the refrigeration system can function properly. These parts of the cold rooms should be done on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance checks.

The daily cold room maintenance checks:

The daily maintenance checks of the cold rooms include the following practices:

All of the compressor used in the food cold rooms should be checked for the oil leakage.

The Freon levels of the refrigerated room should be checked as well.

The evaporator of the cold room should be check for ice formation.

The secondary system’s head pressure should be checked every day.

The proper cold room temperature is also something that needs to be checked on daily basis.

The monthly cold room maintenance checkups:
The daily maintenance should be done throughout the month.

The efficiency of the system should be checked by carrying out the following practices:

Make sure that the fins of condenser coils are clean.

The evaporator and the fins of the cooler should be clean as well.

Make sure that the room is cooling perfectly when fully loaded.

Ensure that the levels of refrigerants are maintained properly.

The reverse blowing should be working properly as well.

The control valves should function efficiently.

The function of defrosting should work properly because defrosting is imperative to the efficiency of the room.

The evaporators should be clean and functioning efficiently to make sure that the temperature is maintained.

The casing of the evaporator should be cleaned along with the blower fans.

The temperature of the colds room should be calibrated.

To make sure there is no malfunctioning, perform a system functional test.

Doors of the cold rooms:
There are different types of doors for the cold rooms. There can be sliding doors, roller doors and the exit door in the cold storage room. The doors of the cold storage room are usually inspected every two months. The doors are an important part of making sure that the inside temperature of the room is kept constant. The routine checks of the doors include different components like the rollers, brackets, emitters, IR reflectors, control boxes, hinges, alignment of the door and devices used for safety like the door sensor.


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25tons ice flake machine were exported to Chile

Bitzer compressor 25tons ice flake machine

Loading container in our factory.

Ice flake making machine Features

1.Internally-scraping ice skate can help reduce energy consumption and prevent leakage of refrigerant.

2.Stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment and heat treatment ensure the best heat transfer efficiency.

3.The design of the large water receiving plate can prevent water leaking at the bottom of drum.

4.Photoelectric switch is directly installed in the bottom of evaporator.

5.Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation — simple,safe, and reliable control.

6.Integrated modular equipment installation is convenient for maintenance.


As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 18 years,

we manufacture Cold room, prefabricated cold room, Cold storage, industry cold storage, commercial cold storage;Freezer room, blast freezer room, walk in freezer room; Chiller room, small chiller room, chiller room;

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Ice cream cold storage freezer room

Ice cream is a frozen food made by mixing, sterilizing, homogenizing, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes with drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream, edible sugar, etc. as the main raw materials. It is delicate, smooth and cool.

Ice cream cold storage freezer room temperature should be -25~-35℃, and at least the temperature should be below -22℃. If the cold storage room does not reach -22°C, ice cream will not reach the required hardness and shelf life, which will cause the ice cream to deform and deteriorate. Usually we design the ice cream cold storage room temperature is -25°C. It needs constant temperature and humidity control, try to avoid temperature fluctuations in the cold storage freezer room.

1, High efficient insulation cold room panels;

Ice cream has high cost value and easily damaged characteristics, we will use 150mm pu panels with 0.5mm double face steel. Their Air tightness and heat preservation will be better. In addition, when the wall panels are connected to the ground, a seamless connection must be ensured, so as to ensure air tightness and save more energy and electricity.

2, High quality refrigeration units and control system

High quality famous brand refrigeration units have advantages of high efficient, stable operating and energy saving to ensure safety and improve the cold room storage of ice cream.

We manufacture cold room cold storage freezer room condensing units. They are the most important part of whole cold room refrigeration system. The refrigeration unit adpots world famous brand components such as Bitzer compressor, Carel controller Danfoss valve, and electrical elements are Siemens. Will keep ice cream cooling well.

The control system adopts fully intelligent electric control, with functions of temperature setting, temperature control and automatic defrosting. The ice cream cold storage freezer room adopts advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, it is simple operation and very convenient for users.

3, The daily cleaning and management of the ice cream cold storage freezer room must be done well. the cold  storage must be keep clean before each ice cream enters the ice storage, and must be cleaned regularly during the storage. Also pay attention to the clean of the cold chain transportation. will provide consumers with healthy and hygienic popsicle ice cream.


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Frozen fish and meat cold rooms are already exported to Kenya with PVOC

Cam lock cold room sandwich panels. o.5mm color steel.

Tecumseh air cooled condensing unit and evaporator

Loading container in our factory.

As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 18 years,

we manufacture Cold room, prefabricated cold room, Cold storage, industry cold storage, commercial cold storage;Freezer room, blast freezer room, walk in freezer room; Chiller room, small chiller room, chiller room;