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  Mobile 20′ and 40′ Blast Freezer Container  


Atlascool is proud to present our most powerful low temperature portable freezer, for your consideration. We design 20ft and 40ft blast freezer container for your specific products.

We mainly use Portable Blast Freezer Container for the quick freezing of fish and shrimp, other high-value produce meat, beef, chicken etc, and we can design blast freezer unit for freezing cargo to -40°C.

The most convenience is that our Blast Freezer Container can be delivered to a site and require little to no on site work. Just make the required electrical connection and start to Freeze with Ease. If your facility needs change, or your location needs to move or expand: Simply disconnect our freezer container unit (after properly preparing for stoppage, of course) and the unit can be moved and set up and Powerful Portable Freezeroperational in hours. No risk to our equipment or structural box.

     Features of mobile portable 20ft and 40ft blast freezer container

1, High efficiency: High refrigerating capacity and short freezing time. It gurantees the freshness and taste of frozen foods to the greatest extent.

2, Energy saving: Comparing with conventional quick-freezing equipment,  we can save 15%and more of the power for same refrigerating capacity.

3, Convenience: It is possible to move the equipment at any time, and put into service just after powering it up. After the products are produced, processed, fished or slaughtered, they can enter the freezing process in the shortest time, avoiding the products from loss of freshess and gloss during transportation.

4, Universality: It is not only suitable for use in non-stationary places, such as the products origins, ports, seashores etc, but also allows to customize multiple condensation modes as air cooling, water cooling and evaporative types;

5, Perfect details; World famous brand refrigeration accessories,  guarantee long use cycle.

Atlascool has long years of experience in the refrigeration industry, our engineers are all graduated from refrigeration major in university. We will analyze your product load, geographic location and facility usage. Our many years of cold room refrigeration experience will help us design a economic refrigeration system to your product. “Produce” requires a different approach from “Pharmaceuticals” or “Poultry.”

We specialize in working with small and large companies that need to fill a freezing need. We care enough to customize each individuals financing options so your get your freezer now and get to use enjoying the Ease of Freeze.

20ft and 40ft blast freezer container models: