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Ice cream is a frozen food made by mixing, sterilizing, homogenizing, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes with drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream, edible sugar, etc. as the main raw materials. It is delicate, smooth and cool.

Ice cream cold storage freezer room temperature should be -25~-35℃, and at least the temperature should be below -22℃. If the cold storage room does not reach -22°C, ice cream will not reach the required hardness and shelf life, which will cause the ice cream to deform and deteriorate. Usually we design the ice cream cold storage room temperature is -25°C. It needs constant temperature and humidity control, try to avoid temperature fluctuations in the cold storage freezer room.

Ice cream cold storage freezer roomIce cream cold storage room unit

1, High efficient insulation cold room panels;

Ice cream has high cost value and easily damaged characteristics, we will use 150mm pu panels with 0.5mm double face steel. Their Air tightness and heat preservation will be better. In addition, when the wall panels are connected to the ground, a seamless connection must be ensured, so as to ensure air tightness and save more energy and electricity.

2, High quality refrigeration units and control system

High quality famous brand refrigeration units have advantages of high efficient, stable operating and energy saving to ensure safety and improve the cold room storage of ice cream.

We manufacture cold room cold storage freezer room condensing units. They are the most important part of whole cold room refrigeration system. The refrigeration unit adpots world famous brand components such as Bitzer compressor, Carel controller Danfoss valve, and electrical elements are Siemens. Will keep ice cream cooling well.

The control system adopts fully intelligent electric control, with functions of temperature setting, temperature control and automatic defrosting. The ice cream cold storage freezer room adopts advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, it is simple operation and very convenient for users.

3, We should do the daily cleaning and management of the ice cream cold storage freezer room. We must clean the cold  storage room before each ice cream enters the ice storage, and must be cleaned regularly during the storage. Also pay attention to the clean of the cold chain transportation. will provide consumers with healthy and hygienic popsicle ice cream.