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cold storage room

For cold storage room the second highest operating cost is electricity. Maintaining stable temperatures, especially in frozen food industry, requires continuous refrigeration and massive amounts of electricity. Finding ways to balance electricity costs and temperature stability is an important thing for operators.
Although, in general terms, cold rooms all work in the same way; it does not necessarily mean we will make the same standards or that they will automatically work in an energy efficient manner. Therefore, we will discuss some great tips you can use to ensure your electricity bills stay as low as they possibly can.

1, The Opening And Shutting Of The Cold Room Doors

Try and reduce the amount of time the cold room doors are open for when you go in and out of your cold room. Quickly close the door each and every time you leave.
Therefore, it is best to keep these cold room areas at the most stable temperature possible to avoid higher consumption of energy and the increased costs associated.

2, Loading or unloading the goods in batch

When loading your cold room, try to do it in batches and ensure the environment directly outside the cold room is as cool as it possibly can be. Therefore, by adopting efficient and effective loading and unloading practices, you should be able to stop the running costs from getting too high.

3, We Monitor The Cold Room Temperature And Ensure It At An Optimum Level

It is crucial that you keep a close eye on your cold room’s temperature. Speak to the manufacturer, installer or consult the user’s manual if you are unsure of the ideal temperatures for the products you want to store. By leaving a cold room set to the incorrect temperature, you may increase your electricity bill.

4, Carry Out Cold Room Maintenance Regularly

You can reduce problems and make sure your cold storage room is working in the way it should be. It will also help to reduce costs and save money by bringing issues that can be prevented to your attention. Which can in turn lower the cost overall of running a cold room. Regularly carry out inspections of your cold room to ensure there are no defective hinges on the doors or problems with the seals that could be allowing the warmer air outside of the cold room inside.

And most important of all, when you come across an issue, get it repaired or dealt with as soon as possible.
Our top tips for reducing cold room energy costs include:

• Preventing cold air from the leaving the cold store
• Loading and unloading products in bulk
• Keeping a cold store at the right temperature
• Installing effective insulation
• Having the cold room maintained on a regular basis
• Checking for faults on seals, hinges or catches

Contact us for more information on cold room design, manufacture, installation, maintaining them and trying to keep the running costs down.