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The frequency of using cold storage in the summer is high, and refrigeration equipments are all under high-load operation. If the owner does not pay attention to maintenance and repair, the cold storage is more prone to failure. What are the things we should pay attention to when we use cold storage in summer?

When the cold storage must be work in 24 hours in summer, the maintenance of the cold storage is important at this time. Regularly add lubricant to the cold storage refrigeration unit, check the working condition of the equipment regularly, and find that the damage will be repaired immediately. If not repair, hurry to replace.

The precautions lists as below:

1. Provide enough outdoor air to the compressor unit. The hot air discharged from the condenser should be kept away from the compressor unit and it must not be allowed to form hot gas circulation.

2. Minimize the switching frequency of cold storage doors. Because the outdoor air temperature in summer is high and the convection between hot and cold is intense, on the one hand it is easy to lose a large amount of cold inside the cold storage, and on the other hand, it is easy to cause a large amount of condensation inside the cold storage.

3, Check the cold storage control system wire and cable and various electrical components oftenly.

4. Check the radiator of the air-cooled unit and clean the dust on the radiator.

5. Check the ventilation environment of the air-cooled unit to ensure that the hot air discharged by the unit can be emitted in time. When the ambient temperature is too high, spraying water to the radiator fins to help dissipate heat and improve the cooling effect.

6, Strictly control the loading in products,  a time can not exceed 30% of the storage capacity, so as not to cause the long operating hours of refrigeration equipment, and the room temperature decreased slowly.

7. The cooling water in the water cooled unit should preferably not exceed 25°C. When the temperature exceeds 25°C, tap water is replenished in time.

8. Check whether the water flow of the cooling water pump is normal and whether the fan of the cooling tower is rotating forward (hot gas rises upward). Change the circulating water frequently to keep the water clean.