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The cold room storage business also referred to as frozen food business is fast becoming a popular in Nigeria. There is hardly any household today in the country that does not feed on frozen foods such as yoghurt, ice cream, ice block, soya milk, frozen fish or poultry products.

What is Cold Room all about?

Starting a cold room business in Nigeria is usually for two major investment purposes; for ice-block making and frozen food business. Ice-blocks are sold in solid bars to drinks vendors as well as to caterers and event organizers for the cooling of drinks. Frozen food business involves the preservation of sea foods and poultry products, beef and fruits. Popular food items that move fast in frozen food business include chicken, turkey, fish, meat, prawns, shrimps etc.

How to start a cold room business?

1, Get a Suitable Location for your Business

First, you have to look for a warehouse which you can use as your cold storage room.
Market place seems to be the best location for a cold room/frozen food business. If you can’t get a space at any of the market, you also can use mobile portable container cold room at any busy street with high traffic.

2, Decide your scale:

Whether to start on a small scale or on a large scale and this largely depends on the capital available to kick-start the business.
The small-scale cold room business would only entail selling to immediate customers.
For people who want to engage in small-scale cold room business, all you need is a good shop, refrigerators or a mini-cold room, constant power supply and of course, access to a cheap supply of products.

3, Procure the Required Equipment

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Depending on the scale of your business you need to get equipment that will serve the need of your customers. If you’re going into a large scale cold room storage facility, you’ll need to get equipment that will take care of manufactured/packages or imported products.

4, Construct A Cold Room:

You need to consult a professional engineering company to construct a cold storage room for you. If you are running your cold room business on a large scale, you also need civil engineering works.
However, if you’re engaging in a small-scale cold room business, all you need is a good shop, refrigerators or a min-cold room, constant power supply and of course, access to cheap supply of products.

5, Determine source of supply

Where would you get your foods from? This ia a very important decision to make. If you are venturing into frozen fish, meat or turkey business. It is possible for you to process and package your products yourself.
You could have a farm where you would raise live chickens or livestock and then have them slaughtered and processed for sale upon maturity. You can also process and package other products yourself. This would guarantee you more profit than when you import products.

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