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Before running one cold room especially low temperature cold room, the system debugging of the low-temperature cold room is a very important thing. Only the cooling adjustment can reach the temperature it needs, and avoiding the damage of the civil structure of the cold room due to the sudden temperature drop. Let’s learn how to do during the first time cooling of cold room?

First of all, we should do the corresponding preparation work, and do the vacuuming work for the refrigeration system. The cold room temperature will gradually decrease by a slow method.

Next, we can evaluate an effect of cooling. Why we should do slow cooling? It makes the moisture contained in the construction project to be slowly discharged to the outside. And also avoids the damage of civil structure works because of sudden temperature and due to freezing of water. It can also prevent a phenomenon of cold shrinkage caused by excessive temperature drop, which will cause damage of the external wall structure of civil engineering. This is actually an important part in the installation process of low temperature cold room.

Before starting the cold room cooling, for example, before the filling of the refrigerant, must be done vacuuming, so that it can check whether the system has strictness, and can also promote the air and moisture discharge in the cold room. And it should also be done with nitrogen filling and check leaking. This is also a better treatment method. Each cold room building materials is different, so the cooling temperature speed is also different.

The first time cooling step:
1, charge nitrogen using the pressure difference
2, supply liquid to the evaporator properly .
3, Do slowly cooling to the cold room temperature.
4, Do extremely rapid cooling. At this time, verify how is the cooling effect