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Meat cold rooms includes three type cold rooms which are chilled room, frozen storage room and blast freezing rooms. Refrigeration as an important part of the preservation process in the meat industry. Refrigeration has an important role to play during the meat preservation process. So we need to know How to build industrial cold room in the meat industry.

1, Determine the Size of the Cold Room

Before you start building your cold room, you need to determine the size that you want. The size of the cold room will depend on the amount of meat that you want to store. You can also consider the size of the area where you want to install the cold room. It is important to take into consideration the complementary spaces as well as location of cold rooms and refrigeration units. These are office, public services, restrooms, workshop and spare part rooms.

2, Choose the Right Location and Flooring

The location and flooring of your cold room are important factors that you need to consider. It is a proper land for easy access by road and rail transportation, supply of industrial and potable water, power supply and drainage facilities. Make sure that the flooring is strong enough, you can use concrete or tiles to ensure that the flooring is durable.

3, Construct the Frame of the Cold Room

Once you have determined the size, location, and flooring of your industrial cold room, it is time to construct the frame. Usually we use steel structure for your warehouse. Or you also can use concrete civil works.

4, Install the Cold Room Panels

After constructing the frame, you can start installing the cold room panels. When choosing a cold room panels, it is important to consider the level of thermal insulation and air tightness required to select the appropriate thickness. The thickness can range from 80mm to 200mm, and the choice will depend on the budget availability and cooling needs of the project at hand.

5, Install the Door and Refrigeration System

The last step is to install the door and the cooling system. The door should be strong and sturdy enough to keep the cold air inside the cold room. You can choose to install a standard door or a sliding door depending on your preference. The refrigeration system is the most important part in the whole industrial cold room. We have long years of experience in the refrigeration industry, our engineers are all graduated from refrigeration major in university. We will analyze your product load, geographic location and facility usage. Our many years of cold room refrigeration experience will help us design a economic refrigeration system to your product. “Produce” requires a different approach from “Pharmaceuticals” or “Poultry.” We will propose the right equipment to do the job, no more and no less.

Industrial cold room for meat

Different Meat Storage Time:

Meat Temp(℃) Relative Humidity(%) Storage Time
Chicken 0~4 80~85 5~6 Days
Mutton -1~1 85~90 8~12 Days
Duck 1~3 85~90 8~10 Days
Ham -24~-18 90~95 6~8 Months
Fresh Pork -1.5~0 85~90 7~12 Days
Frozen Pork -12 95~100 3~5 Months
Frozen Pork -18 95~100 8~10 Months
Frozen Pork -20 95~100 10~12 Months
Fresh Beef -1~0 75-80 3~5 Days
Frozen Beef -12 95~100 6~10 Months
Frozen Beef -18 95~100 10~12 Months
Frozen Beef -20 95~100 12~14 Months