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1, What is a blast freezer cold room?

We call Blast Freezer room as blast freezer or shock freezer, it is a kind of cold room with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -35°C, we equiped them with more thicker doors, PU panels and more powerful condensing units than normal cool room. They typically have multiple shelves where we can store and freeze food trays or sheet trays at extremely low temperatures.

Blast Freezer room concerns of storing material reliably at consistently low temperature and fast cooling speed, it bring down the temperature and freezing very quickly. We use themwidely in the frozen food industry for things like meat, seafood and chicken.

Blast freezing is the process of cooling until obtaining core heat of product with a temperature of -18°C.  This quick-freezing process is conducted in the -35°C / -40°C rooms. When the core heat of the product reached to -18°C, products are transferred to frozen storage rooms. -35°C / -40°C Blast Freezer room is not used for storage purposes; it is only for Blast-Freezing.

Important point for these rooms is that choosing proper cooling device. In order to choosing proper cooling units; product type, amount, entrance temperature, room dimensions and targeted Blast-Freezing time has to be taken into consideration. It is significant to keep Blast-Freezing time short to maintain long self-life of the products. We built plenty of blast freezing rooms taking into consideration minor details of your projects and installed the blast-freezing facilities for quite different industries such as fish, ice cream, red meat, poultry and vegetables.


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How many types of blast freezer cold rooms?

Blast freezer room with shelves

Blast freezer room with trolleys

Movable and Portable Containerized blast freezer room; The blast freezer containers are reliable, mobile, quick freeze solutions for high-value seafood and meats.

Usually the blast freezer cold room capacity is larger than freezer storage room, we can use Bitzer two stage compressors, and screw compressors.

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