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  1. Cold storage room site selection

The location of the cold storage room must be noted. First of all, it is necessary to make decisions based on its own operation. Take the rental cold storage room as an example, the location of the cold storage room needs to consider the surrounding market prospects and convenient transportation.

  1. The volume of the cold storage room

Different goods needs different cold storage room volumes. Generally, our vegetables are calculated according to 5~7 cubic meters per ton. The frozen meat is calculated according to 4 cubic meters per ton, which is also related according to the shelf layout in the cold storage room.

  1. Refrigeration unit selection

The cooling capacity and quantity of the cold storage room refrigeration units are calculated according to the goods maximum heat load, the quality of the refrigeration units is important, good quality and reasonable selection will have a great impact on the energy consumption.

4. Cold storage room insulation

There are two types of cold storage room insulation, one is polyurethane spraying, the other is cold room panels. The installation time of the cold storage panels is short, the appearance is neat, the spraying is not suitable for  the steel structure workshop, and the spraying is manual operation, and the density is uneven usually.

5. Cold storage room temperature

The same cold storage room dimension, the lower the cold storage room temperature, the higher the cold storage room price.

◇ High temperature cold room design temperature (-2~8°C)

◇ Medium temperature cold room design temperature (-10~-23°C)

◇ Low temperature cold room design temperature (-23~-30°C)

◇ Ultra-low temperature cold room design temperature (-30~-80°C)

6. The numbers of rooms in one cold storage room

For the same dimension cold storage room, the more rooms, will use more refrigeration units, cold room panels and refrigeration accessories, the cold storage room price will be higher.