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Cold storage room of avocado is a method that inhibits the activity of microorganisms and enzymes and prolongs the longevity of avocados. Cold storage technology is the main way to keep avocado fresh at low temperature.

We manufature cold storage room for avocado. After plucking avocadoes, we need to keep the avocados at 5-6 Deg C. While plucking the avocados will be between 15 to 25 Deg C. The ideal relative humidity is 80% to 90%. Ripening does not happen at this temperature and is easy to transport. You can load the avocados directly into a precooled container or load into cold room at around 5 Deg C.

How to select the right cold storage room for Avocado?

1, Picking

In order to better store and preserve fresh avocados, We advice that pick avocados in the early morning or in the evening when the weather is relatively cool. We advice to use manual picking to reduce mechanical damage. Do not pick in cloudy and rainy days to avoid rotting during storage.

2, Filter and sort

We separate the avocados according to their quality, and exclude those with pests and diseases, deformity and damage.

3, Pre-cooling

To preserve fresh avocados, we should pre-cool them before being put into storage. We chill the avocados by strong wind in the cold storage or directly into the cold storage. The faster the pre-cooling cooling speed, the better the storage effect.

4, Temperature and humidity control

The suitable cold room temperature for avocado is 4~8℃. it should keep stable temperature in the warehouse. If the temperature is lower than 4℃, the avocado will be frostbitten and cold damaged. If the temperature is too high, it will increase the ripening of the avocado and eventually lead to deterioration etc.  In order to delay the softening and wilting of avocados due to water loss, the relative humidity of avocados should be kept at 80%-90%.

At the same time, the controlled atmosphere index should be kept at 2% for oxygen and 10% for carbon dioxide. Under these conditions, avocados can be stored for a maximum of 60-70 days.

Technical details of Avocado cold storage room

Room Temperature 5 Degree C
Product incoming Temp 15-20 Degree C
Cold Room Panel Construction Prefabricated sandwich PUF panels with Cam-lock & PVC gaskets on all sides. All panels fit together by cam lock. Panel with grooves to increase the strength. Wall, ceiling & floor all get together by the mentioned arrangements.
Panel Thickness 100 mm. PUF ( polyurethane foam),  Density 40 + 2 Kg / m3 (CFC free)
Panel Surface Material 100 mm. Puf Panel Both side pre-coated GI sheet, Sheet Thickness 0.5mm.
Floor Insulation 100 mm PUF panel with both side pre-coated GI sheet
Door Accessories Flush type Swing Door with Heavy-duty Imported Hardware like Hinges, Handle & Door closer. Door frame made in Heavy-duty PVC profile with inbuilt heater arrangement to remove defrosting on door & Push type Gasket to stop air lose & easy operation for Long life.
Light Vapour proof Bulkhead provides proper lighting in each & every corner of the cold room.
Pressure Relief port We are providing a Pressure relief port to balance the air pressure within the room to reduce the damage of the panel due to vacuum.
Kick Plate We are providing an Aluminum Checkered Plate on both sides of the Door bottom to reduce damage.
Safety Release Knob Safety release Knob placed at the inner side of the door for safety precautions.