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As owner, we not only have to consider the construction and material costs of cold storage, also should consider the follow up operating costs of cold storage. It directly affects our cold storage effectiveness.

The keys to managing energy efficiency are reducing operational costs, during managing a cold storage warehouse, we should strictly control the energy costs from five parts “ice, frost, water, doors and lights”. Meanwhile using remote monitoring can have a significant impact on reducing energy, maintenance and overall operating costs. Here we only discuss it from how to correctly operate the refrigeration unit and evaporators and how to do the cold storage management.

1, Reasonably adjust the operating parameters of the refrigeration system to improve equipment efficiency.

According to actual cold storage temperature and goods conditions, adjusting system pressure and temperature parameters which can ensure the safety of machinery and storage products, fully utilize equipment efficiency, and save Water, electricity, oil, etc.

2,  Prevent evaporating temperature being too low, in common the temperature difference between evaporating temperature and cold storage temperature is 3-5℃.

When the temperature difference between the evaporating temperature and the cold storage temperature increases, the evaporating temperature will be too low, which will result in a decrease in the refrigeration coefficient and an increase in energy consumption. It is estimated that under the same conditions, when the evaporation temperature is lowered by 1℃, it will consume 1~2% more electricity. In addition, as the temperature difference increases, the dehumidification amount of the air cooler is increased, and the humidity of the cold storage warehouse is reduced, thereby causing an increase in dry food consumption and a decrease in food quality.

3, The refrigeration system is a sealed circulation system, keep the refrigerant circulating in the system is clean and free of impurities.

4, Timely remove the frosts on the evaporator and scales on the condenser.

The second importance is energy saving in the cold storage management.

The cold storage is a special building used for freezing and refrigerating foods and maintaining a certain low temperature. The floor, walls and roof are covered with a certain thickness of moisture-proof layer and insulation layer to reduce the introduction of external heat, and at the same time, in order to reduce the radiant heat of the sun, the surface of the exterior wall of the cold storage is generally painted white or light.

Since the cold storage building has the above characteristics, in addition to ensuring the building quality with strict heat insulation, sealing, sturdiness and frost resistance in design and construction, it should also be based on the characteristics of the cold storage in daily use management. Scientific management is implemented to ensure safe production, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life, reducing production costs, saving maintenance costs, and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

1, Cold storage door should be closed tightly; Minimize the frequency door opening and door opening time.

2, Reasonable stacking to improve cold storage warehouse utilization

The utilization rate of the cold storage warehouse directly affects the economic benefits of the cold storage, the utilization rate is low, the cooling capacity of the unit weight is increased, and the dry consumption is increased, and the cost is increased. Therefore, strong packaging, shelves, etc. should be adopted, and the code height should be increased to improve the utilization of the warehouse. When the goods are not full, if the storage characteristics of the goods are the same or similar, and they do not affect each other, they can be mixed for a short time.

3, Cold storage warehouse lighting control

The lighting of the cold storage warehouse not only consumes electric energy, but also increases the heat in the warehouse. Therefore, the lighting of the warehouse should be controlled in groups according to the front, middle and back. After entering the warehouse, the staff should minimize the number and time of turning on the lights, and turn the lights off when go out.

Coordination between preservation and refrigeration technology is an important guarantee to reduce operating costs and improve enterprise efficiency. Adopting modern refrigeration technology and cold storage management will reduce the whole cold storage cost.

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