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cold storage room

Starting from birth, milk and milk products are the staple food vital for human diet. Storage of milk and other dairy products is very important in our life. These products require constant and excellent protection to avoid any kind of deterioration of the quality of the product. Usually, dairy products contain microorganism that makes it almost impossible to use these products for a long period without proper storage.

We can extend Milk & dairy products life by storing them in a cold storage. Normally we should consume Milk and dairy products within a few weeks. However, with the use of cold storage, we can increase the life of foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese to a few months.
We must store Milk & dairy products in a cold storage for long life. So we should cool animal foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt as soon as possible after their production.

How Should Milk and Dairy Products be Stored in the Cold Storage Room?

Milk and dairy products have a very short shelf life as they are very inclined to spoilage. So we should process much faster after milking and we should be put it in the cold storage as soon as possible.
We should store Milk as short as possible immediately after milking and its interaction with the outside environment should be stopped. The best possible storage conditions are below 10 ° C. Thus, the activities of bacteria in milk are reduced to a minimum.

It is also great importance that the milk starts to be processed within 24 hours at the latest after milking.

At What ° C we should keep milk & dairy products in cold storage room?

1, Storing sterilized milk (drinking milk) at 4-10 ° C extends its life considerably. The storage life of milk stored in cold storage at 15-20 ° C varies between 1.5 and 3 months.

2, Yoghurt has different storage conditions and storage life. We can store Yoghurt about 1 week at 7-10 ° C, 1-2 weeks at 5-7 ° C and 3-6 weeks at 0-1 ° C.

3, We can store the condensed milk in cold stores at 15 ° C and below for up to 2-3 years. If we store it at temperatures above 15 ° C, we will see the gelation and clumping in the product.

The maximum storage life of the cheese varies according to the type of cheese. However, if we interpret it in general, we store cheese at 5 ° C for approximately 1-12 months, while the storage life of cheese stored at temperatures around 15 ° C varies between 3 weeks and 9 months.

How do you keep your dairy products stored safely? Very simple! Just follow the guidelines listed below to properly save your milk and other related products;

1, Store your dairy products in a protective covering so that they don’t absorb any odor from their surroundings;

2, Don’t store your dairy products alongside with vegetable. Using a separate refrigerator or a warehouse as the case may be is preferable;

3, Ensure that the cold room is clean always. Dairy products are very sensitive.

4, Apply the principle of rotation while storing your products. Use the old ones first and store the new ones for later;

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