Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Cold Room

Pharmaceutical Medical Cold room is a critical component of any healthcare facility. These special cold storage room units are designed to maintain strict temperature and humidity levels to ensure the safe storage of sensitive medical products, including drugs, vaccines, and biological specimens.

Pharmaceutical medical cold rooms are designed to maintain normally a consistent temperature range of 0°C ~ 8°C, which is required for the safe storage of most medical products. These units are equipped with temperature sensors and alarms to ensure that the temperature remains within the desired range. In addition, they often have backup systems such as generators and battery backups to ensure that the products remain at the proper temperature even during power outages.

Cold Room Types Humidity (%) Temp (℃) Typical Stored Items
Vaccine 45~60 0~8 Vaccine, pharmaceutical
Medicine 40~65 2~8 Medicine, biological products
Blood 40~70 1~6 Blood, biological products
Low temp 35~70 -20~-35 Plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents
Ultra low temp 45~75 -30~-90 Placenta, sperm, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow

Pharmaceutical Medical cold rooms come in various sizes, ranging from small countertop units to large walk-in freezers. They can also be customized to fit specific needs, such as special storage compartments or temperature ranges.

Chemical cold room is an essential storage facility for various industries that deal with hazardous chemicals. It provides a controlled environment that ensures the safety of personnel, protects the integrity of the chemicals, and prevents environmental pollution.

Chemical cold rooms require special ventilation systems to prevent the accumulation of hazardous fumes, while medical cold rooms require airtight seals to maintain a sterile environment.