Blast Freezer / Cold Room for Dairy /Ice Cream

We supply blast freezer / cold rooms for your dairy products and ice cream.

Blast freezer manufacturers – suppliers for Ice cream manufacturers, cold room freezer to guarantee the best quality Ice cream.
We supply modular cold room which offer perfect temperature for storage of ice cream, other milk products and milk. We can also provide “Walk in Coolers”, in which one can walk inside and arrange the products.
Our Blast Freezer and chillers are made especially for professional manufacturers who required highly advanced production system and guarantee the best quality of their products. In fact you can prepare and cook sweets, creams in advance and be sure that the blast freezer / chillier will maintain the freshness, form, taste and consistency intact.

Blast Freezer/Cold Room Specification

  • Built for durability
  • Body with extra-thick insulation for outstanding efficiency
  • Interior which can be clean easily