We supply banana ripening room and chambers.
This type of cold room needs special temperature and ripening system, it required highly precise controlling for time. We have experience for this kind of rooms.

Controlled Ripening
We use ripening software that facilitates the controlled ripening process
In addition to banana ripening rooms, the company also builds precoolers to extend produce shelf life. They pull the ambient heat out of harvested produce and bring the temperature to the desired level in 6-12 hours. Precoolers basically put the fruit to sleep, enabling a better fruit ripening process and shelf life. “Similar to the banana ripening rooms, we build precoolers worldwide, however mainly at the source plantations. Although they can be used for any type of fruits, they are very often used for pineapples, avocados and mangoes.

Important reminders when ripening fruits:

 Monitor pulp temperatures closely:

  • Avoid “chilling” or “cooking” the fruit. Bananas are very sensitive to temperatures. Chilling will occur if the fruit is subject to temperatures below 13°C for several hours. It causes the peel to have a smoky, dull gray appearance. This may not show up for 18 to 24 hours after chilling occurs.

  • Cooked bananas result from excessively high temperatures; avoid temperatures above 18°C. The peel will have a brown to orange appearance. The fruit may be soft and have a short shelf life.

Maintain proper humidity levels:

  • For best ripening results, humidity should be 85 to 95%. If the humidity is too low, install a humidifier; wetting the floor of the room with water may increase the humidity but may cause sanitation issues.

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