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What is a cold room?

A cold room is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.

When we want to build a cold room, we should consider two points, one is the high building materials quality, the other one is high effective of the cold room. Then how to reach the goal? Let’s learn how many factors affecting cold room quality?

1, Whole cold room includes polyurethane insualtion panels and refrigeration systems(compressor units, evaporators, condensers, control box and valves)etc. About the panels, there are camlock PU, PUR, PIR types.Camlock PU panels is very common and easy to produce, so it’s diffcult to check the quality.PUR and PIR sandwich panel is continuous production line, they have high requirements and standard for producing process and machinery. In china, fewer factories has this ability to produce PUR and PIR panels.Then you will check the panels insulation parameters, foam density, fire resistance, and color steel thickness, becasue all these factors will affect the price of panels.

2, The refrigeration system is the core of cold room, it includes compressor units,condensers,evaporators and valves. It also has accessories such as fans, pipes and instruments. The whole refrigeration system is a sealed circuit in which the refrigerant circulates, controlling the amount of supply and the number of times entering the evaporator as needed to achieve suitable low temperature conditions. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, which pushes the refrigerant around the system. The choice of cold room refrigeration system is mainly focus on compressors and evaporators. So the quality of compressors and evaporators will affect the cold room quality.Usually we will choose world famous brand compressors like Bitzer, frascold, copeland etc and evaporators like Luve, Guentner, Kuba etc.
3, Surface areas and structures of the evaporator.Surface areas of evaporators, number of fans, cross-sections of fans, air flow of fans directly affect the humidity and temperature of the cold room.
4, High effective is also important for cold room. Usually we will ask a professional designer or consultant to help us. We have long years of experience in the refrigeration industry, our engineers are all graduated from refrigeration major in university. We will analyze your product load, geographic location and facility usage. Our many years of cold room refrigeration experience will help us design a economic refrigeration system to your product. “Produce” requires a different approach from “Pharmaceuticals” or “Poultry.” We will propose the right equipment to do the job, no more and no less.
5, Properties of the product and package to be put in cold room.The changes in the entire transpination density in the cold room have a great effect on the immediate cooling of the product.