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I What is Meat cold room?

1, Temperature For Frozen Meat Storage

2, Temperature for Chilled Meat Storage

I What is Meat cold room?

Meat cold room is suitable for keeping meat, seafood, chicken and poultry storage, and we popularly use them in frozen meat processing, retail, and wholesale industry.

The meat included: beef, mutton, pork, chicken, duck, goose, fish, seafood, and other meaty foods.

Different cold rooms have similar construction methods, but the specific requirements of different types of cold rooms are different.

For example, the required temperature, Cold Room Panel, and refrigeration unit  are different for fruit cold room storage and frozen meat cold storage.

Chilled meat cold room and frozen meat cold room are popular in our daily life.

cold storage of meat whether frozen or chilled, is important if you want to produce that is as fresh, delicious, and safe as possible.

1, Temperature For Frozen Meat Storage

Bacteria begins to grow on raw meat harmful as soon as an animal is slaughtered, which is why the produce needs to be frozen as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence to retain the flavour, texture and aesthetics, as well as to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

By law, we should keep the frozen at a minimum of -18℃ in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and protect consumers from illness. This is just a minimum; anything warmer than this and the meat would not be safe to sell. Many businesses involved in the meat industry choose to invest in blast freezers room which can freeze meat very quickly and effectively.

In order to keep the original taste and nutrients of frozen meat, the cold room adopts the blast freezing way: put the meat in blast freezing room, temperature set at -40°C, so that the meat temperature can quickly lower and keep at -18°C.

If we follow the storage procedures, the table below shows hows long different types of meat will stay fresh for when frozen at -18℃:

Beef 12 Months
Pork 8 Months
Lamb 12 Months
Beef Mince 6 Months
Veal 10 Months
Sausages 6 Months

Beef and lamb typically have a longer storage time because they are made up of hard fats, which are partially saturated. However veal and pork, which are comparatively younger meats, will deteriorate much faster as they have a lower level of saturated fat.

As well as following the above guidelines, we should do proper quality control checks before selling to consumers.

2, Temperature for Chilled Meat Storage

We should keep the chilled meat and poultry in a chiller room, which temperature no higher than 4°C to effectively inhibit the growth of dangerous pathogenic bacteria.

The table below shows how long you can store different types of meat in the chiller room for:

Beef 4 Days
Pork 4 Days
Beef Mince 2 Days
Pork Mince 2 Days
Chicken 2 Days
Veal 3 Days

We offer a wide range of commercial, food-grade cold storage room specifically for use with meat, fish and poultry products.

Our cold room adopts a variety of high-quality materials (stainless steel, color steel, aluminum, etc), which are suitable for the needs of different ambient temperatures in different countries around the world.