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Do you have food business? Do you want to be part of the food business but don’t know which way to go? Why not start your own cold room business and freeze your way to a profitable business.

What is a cold room?

cool room or cold room is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat. Cold rooms are often located near shipping ports used for import/export of produce.

What is use of cold room?

Cold room can be used for storage of seafood, meat, dairy products, ice cream, fruit and vegetables etc. There are many cold room solutions.

Classification Temperature:

  1. 0 °C ~ + 22°C: Hallway, corridor, Mushroom Plant, Medicines Storage, Processing Room, Packing Room
  2. -5 °C ~ + 5 °C: Pre-Cooling, Keep Fresh,
  3. -10 °C ~ -20 °C: Freezer Storage
  4. -25 °C ~ -30 °C: Low Temperature Storage, Quick-Freeze
  5. -35 °C ~ -40 °C: Blast Freezer, Quick-Freeze

Steps to Start a Cold Room Business

1, Determine which industry or industries in your area need cold room and how much of these need s have already been supplied. Make a careful study on how to go about your plans and execute them. You can seek advice from other friends who are in the same business and get good ideas. Different foods needs different cold rooms, for example, there is special apple cold room, and special ripening room for bananas and mango.

2, Once you determine that you can make it, you can test run by starting small. For example you can build a small cold room in your house or exsiting warehouse. Firstly store small quantities foods, and it is running well, then you can consider how to make it bigger.

3, Your test run should give you an idea if you want to go on full scale or not with the cold room business.

4, Should you decide to continue, you can now try to secure a means to fund or finance your venture. You can choose to stick to your initial market base or expand to cover more. multi function cold rooms have different temperatures for different products. Now you can store many kinds of products. Or you can rent the empty cold rooms.

5, An important part of the business is marketing. You need to recognize your base market as well as your competitors. So who is your market? The first could be the fishermen who were your sole market during your testing phase. You can expand your market by selling what your customers are selling. You can not only store merchandise but also package them and then sell them depending on what the demand is. This way not all your eggs are stored in one basket and you remain in a competitive edge. So many customers choose to build duel temperature cold rooms. they will be used for fruits and vegetables, and also can be used for frozen fish and meat.

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