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25tons ice flake machine were exported to Chile

Bitzer compressor 25tons ice flake machine

Loading container in our factory.

Ice flake making machine Features

1.Internally-scraping ice skate can help reduce energy consumption and prevent leakage of refrigerant.

2.Stainless steel materials, advanced processing equipment and heat treatment ensure the best heat transfer efficiency.

3.The design of the large water receiving plate can prevent water leaking at the bottom of drum.

4.Photoelectric switch is directly installed in the bottom of evaporator.

5.Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation — simple,safe, and reliable control.

6.Integrated modular equipment installation is convenient for maintenance.


As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 18 years,

we manufacture Cold room, prefabricated cold room, Cold storage, industry cold storage, commercial cold storage;Freezer room, blast freezer room, walk in freezer room; Chiller room, small chiller room, chiller room;

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Ice cream cold storage freezer room

Ice cream is a frozen food made by mixing, sterilizing, homogenizing, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes with drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream, edible sugar, etc. as the main raw materials. It is delicate, smooth and cool.

Ice cream cold storage freezer room temperature should be -25~-35℃, and at least the temperature should be below -22℃. If the cold storage room does not reach -22°C, ice cream will not reach the required hardness and shelf life, which will cause the ice cream to deform and deteriorate. Usually we design the ice cream cold storage room temperature is -25°C. It needs constant temperature and humidity control, try to avoid temperature fluctuations in the cold storage freezer room.

1, High efficient insulation cold room panels;

Ice cream has high cost value and easily damaged characteristics, we will use 150mm pu panels with 0.5mm double face steel. Their Air tightness and heat preservation will be better. In addition, when the wall panels are connected to the ground, a seamless connection must be ensured, so as to ensure air tightness and save more energy and electricity.

2, High quality refrigeration units and control system

High quality famous brand refrigeration units have advantages of high efficient, stable operating and energy saving to ensure safety and improve the cold room storage of ice cream.

We manufacture cold room cold storage freezer room condensing units. They are the most important part of whole cold room refrigeration system. The refrigeration unit adpots world famous brand components such as Bitzer compressor, Carel controller Danfoss valve, and electrical elements are Siemens. Will keep ice cream cooling well.

The control system adopts fully intelligent electric control, with functions of temperature setting, temperature control and automatic defrosting. The ice cream cold storage freezer room adopts advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, it is simple operation and very convenient for users.

3, The daily cleaning and management of the ice cream cold storage freezer room must be done well. the cold  storage must be keep clean before each ice cream enters the ice storage, and must be cleaned regularly during the storage. Also pay attention to the clean of the cold chain transportation. will provide consumers with healthy and hygienic popsicle ice cream.


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Frozen fish and meat cold rooms are already exported to Kenya with PVOC

Cam lock cold room sandwich panels. o.5mm color steel.

Tecumseh air cooled condensing unit and evaporator

Loading container in our factory.

As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 18 years,

we manufacture Cold room, prefabricated cold room, Cold storage, industry cold storage, commercial cold storage;Freezer room, blast freezer room, walk in freezer room; Chiller room, small chiller room, chiller room;

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Get to know More Blast Freezer Cold Rooms

1, What is a blast freezer cold room?

Blast Freezer room (also called blast freezer, shock freezer) is a kind of cold room with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -35°C, it is equipped with more thicker doors, PU panels and more powerful condensing units than normal cool room. They typically have multiple shelves where food trays or sheet trays can be stored and freezed at extremely low temperatures.

Blast Freezer room concerns of storing material reliably at consistently low temperature and fast cooling speed, it bring down the temperature and freezing very quickly. They are widely used in the frozen food industry for things like meat, seafood and chicken.

Blast freezing is the process of cooling until obtaining core heat of product with a temperature of -18°C.  This quick-freezing process is conducted in the -35°C / -40°C rooms. When the core heat of the product reached to -18°C, products are transferred to frozen storage rooms. -35°C / -40°C Blast Freezer room is not used for storage purposes; it is only for Blast-Freezing.

Important point for these rooms is that choosing proper cooling device. In order to choosing proper cooling units; product type, amount, entrance temperature, room dimensions and targeted Blast-Freezing time has to be taken into consideration. It is significant to keep Blast-Freezing time short to maintain long self-life of the products. We built plenty of blast freezing rooms taking into consideration minor details of your projects and installed the blast-freezing facilities for quite different industries such as fish, ice cream, red meat, poultry and vegetables.


Blast freezing vegetables, Blast freezing fruits, Blast freezing meat, Blast freezing chicken, Blast freezing fish, Blast freezing foods, Blast freezing ice cream and Blast freezing bakery.

How many types of blast freezer cold rooms?

Blast freezer room with shelves

Blast freezer room with trolleys

Movable and Portable Containerized blast freezer room; The blast freezer containers are reliable, mobile, quick freeze solutions for high-value seafood and meats.

Usually the blast freezer cold room capacity is larger than freezer storage room, we can use Bitzer two stage compressors, and screw compressors.

Why choose us?

Your Cold Room Expert

More than 18 years refrigeration experience

From design to installation&maintenance service , we provide one stop cold room solutions for your fresh life.

We offer a wide variety of services for your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to have us consult on your plans, design your refrigeration system, supply the materials and equipment, install the equipment, or perform maintenance and repair services, we have the skills, expertise, technology, and tools to make it happen.

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PIR Polyurethane insulation panels exported to Costa rica

Our factory manufacture PUR insulation panels, PIR insulation panels and Cam lock Panels for cold storage room

Our company adopts the most advanced continuous production line to produce fast-fit panel,the foaming material is made in high temperature environment of the double-belt machine,full reaction,uniform foam,no stoma,and the insulation performance is better.

PIR insulation panels features:

Good heat conductivity, great water absorption, good in temperature preservation performance,
excellent compressive strength and tensile strength, not easy to deformation, it is widely used in maintaining the combination of cold storage structure.


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Portable moveable 20ft and 40ft container cold storage room

Atlascool container type cold rooms and cold storages is portable and moveable, you can put it anywhere , you can move it or hire it, the fact that it is portable offers you many advantages. Many business owners, and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages.

Our mobile container type cold room and cold storage is suitable for international container transport standards. it can be used directly after you receive the goods. The container cold room can be pre-assemble in the factory, that will save your more installation time and cost.

Refrigerated containers are also preferred due to practical and ease of use. You just need to provide energy to operate the system and will obtain required cooling within an hour.

We design and manufacture right type of portable refrigerated containers that fully meet your requirements. We design container type refrigeration for different purpose of use such as cold storage, chilling room, freezing room or blast freezing. We offer custom made solutions according to your demand by installing proper refrigeration unit, pu panels and suitable doors. Container type cold rooms and cold storage will be used in many industries to preserve wide range of products such as fresh fruits, meats, fish, ice cream, chicken, vaccinations, sensitive chemicals etc.

According to the place of use; containers cold room can be designed for different temperatures
Ambient Cooling: +12°C / +16°C
Cold Storage: -5°C / +8°C
Frozen Storage: -18°C / -25°C
Blast Freezing : -35°C / -40°C

WHAT SIZE ARE REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS COLD ROOMS?                                                                            Refrigerated containers cold room come in two main sizes, 6m containers (20ft) and 12m containers(40ft). The 20ft containers have a cubic capacity of 28mᶟ and the 40ft containers 66mᶟ. They both have an external width of 2.2m.

For more information on our cold storage containers and shipping container cold rooms, contact us today on +86 15508661121



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Cold Storage Room for Fruits and Vegetables

In order to increase the value of fruits and vegetables, we need cold storage rooms to store fruits and vegetables to keep their fresh, there are many factors to affect how fresh produce should be stored. Now let’s learn how to use cold storage room to stock and distribute your fresh products and the most important factors to consider when using cold storage room for fruit and vegetables.

1, Fruits and vegetables must be selected and sorted before entering the cold room storage.

The selection work should be done carefully, it will remove the fruits and vegetables with mechanical injuries, insect injuries or different maturities. Because the fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and nutrients, it is a good medium for microbiological life. Fruits and vegetables contaminated by microorganisms will soon rot and deteriorate.

While fruits and vegetables of different maturities should not be mixed and preserved. Because more mature fruits and vegetables will rot faster. After selecting those with good quality that can be refrigerated for a long time should be wrapped with paper one by one and packed in boxes or baskets.

The paper used to wrap fruits and vegetables should not be too hard or too thin. It is better to use paper that has been treated with chemicals that do not have any adverse effects on fruits and vegetables. During the whole selection and sorting process, special care should be taken to handle gently to prevent injury to the fruit due to careless work.

2, For Fruits and vegetables cold storage room, we will take a gradual cooling method.

After the fruits and vegetables are harvested, it is better to cool them in the place where the raw materials are produced in time to dissipate the heat inside them. After cooling, the fruits and vegetables are transported to the cold storage room by a refrigerated truck directly. If the fruits and vegetables from the raw materials are not cooled, after entering the cold storage room, a gradual cooling method should be adopted to prevent certain physiological diseases.

For example, some flowers fruits, roots and leaves vegetables must enter the cold storage room as soon as possible for storing. Such as: broccoli, celery, purple camomile, bitter gourd, yam and so on.

Vegetables that generate a lot of heat must be treated with ice water. After the water tank is filled with 0 ° C ice water, all the vegetables are immersed in the ice water to cool the vegetables to 7-8 ° C, and then remove the drained water. Then enter the cold storage room to save. Such as: corn, green beans, stemless beans, rattan, etc.

The vegetables after processing, they must be kept in fresh-keeping bags to prevent the evaporation of moisture when entering the cold storage room.

For leafy vegetables, they must be sprayed with ice water in time before entering the cold storage room.

For other vegetables: the products are sprayed with ice water or covered with a cooling cloth to cool down, and sprayed once every hour during the overnight period Keep the water cool and fresh. Such as: green pepper, eggplant, onion garlic seedlings, tomatoes (immature), potatoes, dumplings, pumpkin, winter melon, yarrow, burdock, etc.

3, Different types of fruits and vegetables should be stored at their optimal temperature.

Produce Type Optimum Temperature °C Optimum humidity % Storage life
Apples -1~+1℃ 85%~90% 3-8 months
Peach -1~+1℃ 85%~90% 1-4 weeks
Grape -1~0℃ 80%~90% 1-2 weeks
Orange 0~+1℃ 85%~90% 8-10 weeks
Grapefruit 0~+10℃ 85%~90% 3-12 months
Pear -0.5~+1.5℃ 85%~90% 1-6 months
Eggs -2~0℃ 80%~85% 5-7 months
Cabbage, spinach, coriander, carrots,kale, celery, lettuce -1~+1℃


90%~95% 1-3 months
Potato +2~+4℃ 85%~90% 1-6 months

Our cold rooms are a great solution for any business looking for custom cold storage for their fruits and vegetables. If  you’re looking for quality cold storage for fruit and vegetables, contact us today on 0086 15508661121. Alternatively, contact us online or click here to see out range of suitable cold storage room options.

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Fish and Seafood Industry Cold Storage Room

The fish and seafood cold room is a low temperature room to keep the fresh of all kinds of fish and seafood.

According to the storage time, it can be divided into fresh seafood cold storage room, frozen seafood cold storage room and seafood blast freezer cold room.

Any fresh fish or sea food needs very strict storage requirement as there is a high risk of rapid bacterial growth which can waste the storage. Also it needs to keep separate from all other type of food stored.

1, Fresh seafood cold storage room;

They are mainly used for the temporary turnover and trading of fresh seafood. The general storage period is 1-2 days, and the temperature range is -5 ~ -12 ℃. If the product is not sold within a 1-2 day period, the seafood should be moved in the blast freezer room for quick freezing.

2, Frozen seafood cold storage room;

They are mainly used for long-term  preservation of frozen seafood. The general storage period is 1-180 days, and the temperature range is -20 ~ -25 ℃. Quick-frozen seafood from the blast freezer room  is transferred to this low temperature cold room.

3, Fish and seafood blast freezer cold room;

The quick freezing time is generally between 5 hours and 8 hours, and the storage temperature is between -30 ~ -35℃;

The difference between seafood cold storage room and common cold storage room is that seafood generally contains more salt, and salt has a corrosive effect on materials. If the cold storage does not do some anti-corrosion  treatment, it will rot and perforate after long-term corrosion. We advice that using stainless steel panels for building fish and seafood cold room. Evaporators use blue hydrophilic aluminum foil fins.

We offers a range of refrigeration products and services to the fish industry. Our range of cold room solutions is designed to keep your fish as close as possible to the same condition in which they were caught.

We have a choice of blast freezers and cold storage in a range of capacities suitable for storing a large variety of your products. With the short lifespan of fish once caught, it is essential for them to be quickly and permanently frozen almost from the time of being caught to the time it is purchased by the consumer.

Portable blast freezer container

It will use the brand new ref containers, Bitzer compressor and LUVE evaporators.

High capacity unit for freezing seafood and meats. Efficient and full air flow for maximum loads.
20feet blast freezer container -35℃ 1.8~2 tons/8 hours;

40 feet blast freezer container -40℃ 2.5~3 tons/8 hours;

The mobile container type freezing tunnel is portable, you can put where you want, or you can rent it, to be portable gives you many advantages. You can use your garden from where you can win or loading in factory where cover is provided.

The blast freezer containers are reliable, mobile, quick freeze solutions for high-value seafood and meats.

We meet the needs of the fishing industry through a selection of features specifically designed to allow your company to be more efficient and effective in your cold storage abilities.

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Guide to Meat Cold Room Refrigeration Technologies

Understanding the correct meat cold room procedures whether frozen or chilled, is important if you want produce that is as fresh, delicious and safe as possible.

Harmful bacteria begin to develop in raw meat from the moment an animal is slaughtered, making storage an incredibly time sensitive process. If you want or need to prolong the life of your meat for as long as possible, it’s crucial that you follow the correct safe storage procedures.

Usually the temperature dropped below -18 ℃, the food freezing rate was high, the microorganisms and enzymes basically stopped moving and growing, and the oxidation was also very slow. Therefore, the food can be stored for a longer period of time and has better frozen quality. In addition, frozen food also requires that the temperature in the storehouse be relatively stable. Excessive temperature fluctuations will cause spoilage of the food.

Meat cold room is mainly used for the cold processing of meat carcasses such as pigs, cattle, and sheep.

1, Pre-cooling room

The freezing point of meat juice is -0.6 ~ -1.2 ℃. When the carcass temperature after slaughtering is about 35  ℃, it is sent to a cold room. The designed room temperature is about 0 ~ -2  ℃. The meat temperature is reduced to 4  ℃ in the cold room. Due to the small heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the air, increasing the air flow rate can increase the cooling rate. However, an excessively strong air flow rate cannot increase the cooling rate compared with the same period of the previous year, but it will greatly increase the dry shrinkage loss and power consumption of the meat surface. Therefore, in the cooling process, the wind speed in the cargo room of the cold room is suitable not to exceed 2m / s, and generally the above 0.5m / s is used. The air circulation times are 50 ~ 60 times / h, and the cooling time is 10 ~ 20h. The average dry body consumption is about 1.3%.

2, Cooling processing

A, The temperature is -10 ~ -15 ℃, the air velocity is 1.5 ~ 3m / s, and the cooling time is 1-4h. The average enthalpy value of the meat at this stage is about 40kj / kg, which makes the surface of the meat form a layer of ice. Not only reduces the dry consumption, but also accelerates the cooling process (the thermal conductivity of ice is 4 times that of water).

B, The cold room temperature is about -1 ℃, the air velocity is 0.5 ~ 1.5m / s, and the cooling time is 10 ~ 15h, so that the surface temperature gradually increases and the internal temperature gradually decreases, so that the temperature of the body is balanced until the thermal center temperature reaches 4 ℃. The meat cooled by this method has good color, aroma, taste and tenderness, which shortens the cooling time and reduces the dry consumption by 40% to 50%. The following picture shows the process conditions for rapid cooling of meat.

3, How long can you freeze meats for?

The first thing to understand when considering storage options is that not all meats are equal and that their storage times reflect this. It’s important to remember that the fat and water content, as well as the size of the cut, will change how long a piece of meat should be stored for in a blast freezer.

These timings are a good indication of how long regular cuts of meat will stay fresh at -18°C if storage procedures, up until this point, have been followed correctly.

Beef and lamb generally have a longer storage time because they are made up of hard fats, which are partially saturated. However younger meats, such as veal and pork, will deteriorate much faster as they have a lower level of saturated fat. Larger cuts of meat will almost always have a smaller storage time, as they take longer to blast freeze initially.
Alongside this, you should be careful never to overfill your cold storage container as this can cause meat to freeze slowly or unevenly, leaving your customers susceptible to food borne illness.

These guidelines are guidelines only and proper safety and quality control checks should always be undertaken before meat is served to customers.

Working in the food industry, it’s important to make your food go as far as possible. Wasted food stops your business from being profitable but with the help of a blast freezer or cold room, you can keep produce fresher for longer periods of time. You can increase your profits and serve food to your customers without the worry of tainted produce. Any meat cold room inquiry, contact us

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Fruits cold room and Bitzer screw compressors exported to Singapore

We specialise in the design and installation of cold rooms, our company is the leading cold room and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality cold room solutions to worldwide customers. we exported a large selection of fruits and vegetables cold rooms and refrigeration units to Philippines and Singapore. Our fruits and vegetables storage cold rooms are made of high quality materials and low energy consumption.

100mm cold room panels with 0.5mm thickness double face steel.

Bitzer air cooled condensing units

Bitzer CSH screw compressors

As your cold room experts, we had been specializing in delivering turn key cold room solutions to worldwide customers for 18 years. We had provided many types of effective and states of the art cold rooms and freezer rooms to over 40 countries. We have been exporetd cold rooms to Swiss, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Bahrain, Papua New Guinea and so on