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Blast Freezing (-35°C / -40°C) blast freezer cold room for chicken and meat

Blast freezer cold room is a special freezer room with operating temperature ranging between -35 to -40℃. We design and install it for fast-freeze fresh meat, fish, chicken, turkey, or other food items.

Blast freezing is the process of cooling until obtaining core heat of product with a temperature of -18°C. This quick-freezing process is in the -35°C / -40°C rooms. When the core heat of the product reached to -18°C, we transfer the products to frozen storage rooms. We don’t use -35°C / -40°C Blast Freezing for storage purposes; it is only for Blast-Freezing.

blast freezer cold room

Principally, the body or panel thickness of a standard blast freezer ranges between 150 to 200mm thick, and of 40kg/m3 or more, panel density. The kind of door for this application must be as thick as the body panel to reduce or eliminate heat ingress.

In order to choosing proper cooling device; we should condiser the product type, amount, entrance temperature, room dimensions and targeted Blast-Freezing time. It is significant to keep Blast-Freezing time short to maintain long self-life of the products.

Blast freezer cold rooms applications:

We use Blast freezer cold room in almost all food processing facilities such as; poultry farms, yogurt and ice cream production facility or factory, fish and meat processing plants and abattoirs, among others.
They are also perfect for getting baked goods easily cooled down after they come out of the oven. Rapid cooling of the food helps preserve the crisp flavor of their crust, and allows them to be served at their optimal temperature. We also use Blast freezer cold room in blood banks for preserving the plasma of the blood.

All types of Blast freezers room

Mini blast freezer:- This is usually a standing model with slim doors. It has limited capacity for few items. It’s not a walk-in freezer. It is manually loaded with items as a very small processing facility with temperature at -25o C.

Commercial Blast freezer:- This is about the most common type in the market. It’s a walk-in model widely used in farms, abattoirs, and other food processing facilities. It’s operating temperature ranges from -25 to -40o C.

Tunnel blast freezer:- It is blast freezer with conveyor. The conveyor takes items in and out of the blast freezer. Warm items conveyed in comes out frozen and then bagged or packaged onward to the storage room.

Temperature ranges between -40 to -60C for a tunnel blast which is applicable in large processing facilities and packaging industries where produce are expected to be frozen within minutes.

This is possible because of the temperature that is extremely low. The use of conveyor that replaces human traffic to and from the blast chamber is also an enormous advantage. Blast freezing temperature is maintained because of the perfect body insulation, standard heat proof door and higher refrigerating unit capacity used.

Shock Blast freezer:-  This is another special quick freezer, we design it temperature range from -40 to -85o C.  We mainly use it in pharmaceutical environment for processing and storage of bio-pharmaceutical products.

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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