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cold room insulation pu panels exported to Ghana

We manufacture pu panels, pur panel, pif panel and puf panels for cold room.

Panel Thickness Available: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm
Panel Width Available: 500mm – 1200mm
Panel Length Available: 2000mm-12000mm
Regular Steel Sheet Color Code: RAL 9002(Grey White)
PU Density: 40-45 KGS/M3
Heat Transfer Coefficient: =0.022 W/M2*K
Pressure: =0.10Mpa
Cubic Area Change: =1% (-30 C-100 C/96h)
Fire Rating: B1 and B2
Surface of Panels: To be plating 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm pre-painted white hot galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets and PVC protected films.

As your cold room experts, we provied all cold room solutions. Seafood and meat freezer room, Dairly and ice cream blast freezer, Fruit and vegetables cold room, Pharmaceutical and chemicals cold room, Commercial cold room, Ripening room and flower cold room.


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cold storage room for ice cream solutions

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most beloved desserts worldwide, enjoyed by people of all ages. However, to maintain its taste, texture, and quality, ice cream requires proper storage conditions. This is where the ice cream cold room plays a crucial role.

What is Ice Cream Cold Room?

Ice cream cold room, also known as ice cream freezer or ice cream cold storage, is a specialized environment designed to preserve ice cream at optimal temperatures. These rooms are typically equipped with advanced refrigeration systems, insulation, and temperature control mechanisms to maintain a consistent cold environment. They are commonly used by ice cream manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to store their ice cream products.

Ice Cream Cold Room Storage Temperature Range?

Here list not only ice cream, but also ice pop, ice tea, ice coffee,etc storage temperature and humidity level. Please notice the temperature and humidity is not fixed, should alter according to different ambient, location, cold room size, function,etc.

Product Storage Temperature Humidity Level
Ice cream -20~-25°C/ -4 ~-13°F 40 ~ 50%
Ice pop -18~-22°C/-0.4 ~-7.6°F 30 ~ 40%
Yogurt 2~4 °C/ 35.6~39.2°F 85 ~ 90%
Ice tea 0~ 4°C/ 32~39.2°F 40 ~ 50%
Ice coffee 0~ 4°C/ 32~39.2°F 40 ~ 50%
Milkshakes 0~ 4°C/ 32~39.2°F 40 ~ 50%
Smoothies 0~ 4°C/ 32~39.2°F 40 ~ 50%
Cold brew coffee 2~ 4°C/ 35.6~39.2°F 40 ~ 50%

How to Build an Ice Cream Cold Room?

Building an ice cream cold room requires careful planning, adherence to regulations, and the use of appropriate materials and equipment. Here is a general guide on how to build an ice cream cold room:

1. Determine Requirements
Assess your specific needs, such as the desired storage capacity, temperature range, and available space. Consider factors like the stored ice cream volume, shelving number, and any additional features like display cases or glass doors.

2. Design the Layout
Create a layout plan that optimizes the available space and facilitates efficient storage and inventory management. Consider factors like aisle widths, shelving systems, and accessibility for easy loading and unloading of ice cream products.

3. Choose the Right Location
Select a suitable location for your cold room, ensuring it is away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Adequate insulation and temperature control are crucial, so consider placing the cold room in a controlled environment or well-insulated area.

4. Insulation
Install proper insulation to prevent heat transfer and maintain the desired temperature inside the cold room. Normally use high-quality insulation materials like polyurethane foam panels(PU sandwich panels).
Insulate the walls, floor, and ceiling, ensuring a tight seal to minimize temperature fluctuations.

5. Temperature Control
Install a reliable refrigeration system that can maintain the optimal temperature range for ice cream storage.
Consider factors like the cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and temperature control mechanisms. Depending on the size of your cold room, you may need multiple Refrigeration Units or a centralized cooling system.

6. Humidity Control
Incorporate humidity control mechanisms like Dehumidifier to maintain the ideal moisture balance inside the cold room.
This helps prevent freezer burn and maintains the quality of the ice cream.

7. Ventilation
Ensure proper ventilation to allow for air circulation and prevent the buildup of condensation. This helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels inside the cold room.

8. Lighting
Install appropriate lighting fixtures that provide adequate visibility inside the cold room.
Choose LED lights that generate minimal heat and do not affect the temperature inside the room.

9. Flooring and Shelving
Select flooring materials that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture. Stainless steel or epoxy-coated flooring is commonly used in cold rooms.
Install sturdy and adjustable shelving units that can accommodate the weight of ice cream containers and facilitate organized storage.

10. Temperature Monitoring and Alarms
Integrate a temperature monitoring system with sensors and alarms to track and alert any deviations from the desired temperature range. This allows for prompt action to rectify any issues and prevent potential product damage.

11. Regular Maintenance
Establish a maintenance schedule to clean and inspect the cold room regularly. This includes cleaning the surfaces, checking the refrigeration system, and replacing any worn-out parts.


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Stainless steel cold room exported to Singapore

Pu cold room panels

Cold room Evaporators

Copeland condensing units

As a professional cold room manufacture for more than 22 years,
We specialize in a full line of cold room refrigeration system solution including
cold room panels&doors, Bitzer, Copeland condensing unit, Evaporators and Condensers,
container blast freezer, ice machines and refrigeration parts etc.
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Cold freezer room cold storage room exported to Philippines

Cold freezer room cold room storage exported to Philippines.

As your cold room experts, we have more than 18 years refrigeration experience. From design to installation&maintenance service, we provide one stop cold room solutions for your fresh life.

We offer a wide range of cold rooms and freezers rooms.

ATLASCOOL is the leading cold room, cool rooms and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality cold room, cool rooms solutions to worldwide customers. We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. And about the size, the panel thickness, the equipment, all of them can be customized. Fresh life with you always!

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Cold Room Common Fault Problems and Its Solutions

Cold rooms are generally used in storing large quantities of products or goods that requires low temperature, it is important that you keep it in shape to operate smoothly and avoid fault problems. Following are the list of the most common cold room fault problems that you may encounter; what causes them and why and how best to solve them.

Cold room common fault problems and solutions

1. Initial operation of cold room refrigeration equipment: The initial process of cold room refrigeration equipment should always observe the oil level and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. It is assumed that the oil is dirty or the soil surface should be resolved in time to avoid inadequate lubrication.


2. Always observe the operating status of the heart compressor of the cold room refrigeration equipment: check the exhaust temperature. When operating in the season, pay special attention to the operating state of the system, and adjust the system liquid supply and condensation temperature in time.


3. Do not start for a long time or start the machine for a great time without stopping or the temperature of the cold room is not stopped: check whether there is dirt on the condenser, the heat dissipation will cause the condensing pressure of the refrigerator to be too high, in order to protect the compressor, in the pressure controller Under the action of the machine stops running, wait until the heat is good, press the black reset button on the voltage controller, the machine will automatically resume operation.

4. Usually by observing the changes of the instrument: listening to the sound of the machine running, touching the temperature changes of the organization and other methods to keep the operating state of the compressor found that the compressor has a string of gas and other phenomena should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. Cold storage room due to poor insulation or sealing performance, resulting in large loss of cooling capacity: poor thermal insulation performance of the cold storage is due to insufficient thickness of insulation layer of pipelines, warehouse insulation walls, etc., insulation and insulation effects are not sound, it is mainly designed insulation The thickness of the sheet is not selected correctly or the quality of the insulation material is poor during construction. Or the insulation and moisture-proof performance of the insulation material may be destroyed, causing the insulation layer to be damp, deformed or even smashed, and its thermal insulation capacity is decreased, and the loss of the cold storage capacity of the storage is made, and the temperature drop of the room is obviously slowed down.

6. The surface of the cold storage room evaporator is too thick or excessively dusty: the heat transfer effect is reduced to prevent the frost layer on the surface of the evaporator from being too thick, and it needs to be defrosted regularly. In addition to excessive frosting, the heat transfer effect of the evaporator is not good. The surface of the evaporator is too thick for long-term uncleaning, and its heat transfer efficiency is also significantly reduced.

7. There is more air or refrigeration oil in the evaporator: the heat transfer effect is reduced. Once the evaporator has more refrigerant oil on the inner surface of the heat transfer tube, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if the heat transfer tube is There is more air, the heat exchange area of the evaporator is reduced, the heat transfer efficiency is also significantly reduced, and the warehouse temperature drop rate is slowed down.

8. Improper adjustment or blockage of the cold room throttle valve: If the refrigerant flow rate is too large or the throttle valve is improperly adjusted or blocked, it will directly affect the refrigerant flow entering the evaporator. When the opening degree of the throttle valve is too large, the refrigerant flow rate is too large, and the evaporation pressure and the evaporation temperature also increase. Meanwhile, when the throttle valve opening degree is too small or blocked, the refrigerant flow rate also decreases, and the system flow rate is also reduced. The amount of cooling is also reduced.

Generally, by observing the evaporation pressure, evaporation temperature and frosting of the suction pipe to judge whether the throttle valve refrigerant flow is suitable, the throttle valve blockage is an essential factor affecting the refrigerant flow rate, and the leading cause of the throttle valve blockage is ice: blocking and dirty plugging. The ice blockage is due to the weak drying effect of the dryer. The refrigerant contains moisture. When flowing through the throttle valve, the temperature drops below 0 °C, and the humidity in the refrigerant forms ice and blocks the throttle hole; the dirty plug is Due to the accumulation of more dirt on the filter inlet of the throttle valve, the refrigerant flows poorly and forms a blockage.

9. Insufficient refrigerant amount in the refrigeration system: insufficient cooling capacity There are two main reasons for inadequate refrigerant circulation in the cold storage. First, the refrigerant charge is insufficient. In this case, only enough refrigerant can be added. One reason is that the system refrigerant leaks more. In the case of such a situation, the leak point should be searched first. The pipelines and valves should be inspected to find out the leaked parts and then filled with a sufficient amount of refrigerant.

10. The compressor efficiency is low: the cooling capacity cannot meet the warehouse load requirements. Due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the cylinder liner and piston ring and other components are dangerously worn. The matching clearance will increase, the sealing performance will decrease accordingly, and the compressor’s gas transmission coefficient will also follow. The reduction will reduce the cooling capacity. The refrigeration capacity of the compressor can be roughly estimated by observing the suction and exhaust pressure of the compressor. If the refrigeration capacity of the compressor drops, the standard method is to replace the cylinder liner and piston ring of the compressor. If it still fails to work after replacement, other factors should be considered, even disassemble and repair, and eliminate the fault factor.

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Cold freezer room evaporator and air cooled condenser will be shipped to Australia

Cold freezer room evaporator and air cooled condenser will be shipped to Australia

Air cooled condenser

Cold room evaporator is an important component together with other major components in a refrigeration system such as compressor, condenser and expansion device. The reason for refrigeration is to remove heat from air, water or other substance. We have water defrosting, electrical defrost and hot gas defrost. They are designed for small, medium, and large industrial cold rooms, frozen storages, pre-cooling, blast freezing, and fast cooling room applications.

Industrial Refrigeration Evaporators advantages:

1, standard coil size, many materials: copper coil, stainless steel coil, and aluminum coil etc, many types: smooth pipe, screwed pipe etc.

2, standard thickness for heat exchanger fin, anti corrosion fins materials.

3, advanced sheet-forming machine.

4, high quality fan motor, IP54 and insulation F;

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Mobile 20ft container cold room will be exported to Africa

Mobile potable 20ft container cold room will be exported to Africa

Atlascool container type cold rooms and cold storages is portable and moveable, you can put it anywhere , you can move it or hire it, the fact that it is portable offers you many advantages. Many business owners, and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages.

Our mobile container type cold room and cold storage is suitable for international container transport standards. it can be used directly after you receive the goods. The container cold room can be pre-assemble in the factory, that will save your more installation time and cost.

Refrigerated containers are also preferred due to practical and ease of use. You just need to provide energy to operate the system and will obtain required cooling within an hour.

We design and manufacture right type of portable refrigerated containers that fully meet your requirements. We design container type refrigeration for different purpose of use such as cold storage, chilling room, freezing room or blast freezing. We offer custom made solutions according to your demand by installing proper refrigeration unit, pu panels and suitable doors. Container type cold rooms and cold storage will be used in many industries to preserve wide range of products such as fresh fruits, meats, fish, ice cream, chicken, vaccinations, sensitive chemicals etc.

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Compressor condensing units for walk in cold rooms, chiller and freezer rooms, blast freezer room

Compressor condensing unit is the most important part of whole cold room system. A condensing unit typically is a high side assembly of a refrigeration system. condensing unit is mostly used to work together with cold rooms, walk in freezers, and blast freezer.

For small and medium cold room, we usually choose semi-hermetic piston condensing unit. For large cold room, we usually choose centralized compressor unit. For blast freezer, we usually choose screw type compressor or double stage compressor. According to the cooling capacity, we will design it to meet our clients’ requirement.

For some countries, in Winter the temperature is lower than minus 0°C or in Summer the temperature is more than 45°C. We will consider the climatic environment of the location, and chose suitable condenser model for customers.

Cold room compressor condensing units Features:

1, Various kinds of models for your choice;
2, Best quality components of world famous brands;
3, High efficiency shell and tube condenser which enables high energy efficiency ratio;
4, Compact structure, sturdy and durable, convenient to install;
5, Widely application and can use R22, R134a, R404a, R507a etc.

Our compressor condensing unit factory advantages:

1. Reliable raw materials:
World famous brand components such as BITZER compressor, CAREL controller DANFOSS valve, and electrical members are SIEMENS.
2. Strong R&D ability and technical supports:
We have 9+ patents
10 years’ experiences engineer provide free technical supports
3. Quality control:
ISO 9001, CCC certificate, CE
4. Complete after-sales ability:
We have one of the five BITZER Green Point maintenance centers.
5. Complete certifications:
Business license and all necessary government licenses
Production License (many other manufacture don’t have)

Applications of compressor condensing unit

We had provided many types of effective and states of the art cold rooms to over 45 countries. ATLASCOOL brand condensing unit is widely used for milk cooling tanks, cold rooms, freezer rooms, fermentation rooms, canteens, restaurants, hospitals and other cold storage industry.